Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AAAHHhhhhhh - iced tea and less heat!

The weather has finally broken, cooler air coming for the next bit - and as a result I've managed to wrastle the baby quilt onto the frame and actually took a few stitches this morning before heading off late to work.

What does this mean for Kal's quilt? Well, it means that I tried doing the fancy stitching thing I was gonna do to "finish" it - and it sucked tepid pond slime, so I have taken it OFF the frame, and am picking out the bit of "fancy crap" that I did and will bind it and mail it shortly! If I ever get an address to mail it TO.

I guess I'm going to just have to admit to myself that fancy-schmancy is not my forte and stick with straight lines and geometric. I tried fancy-schmancy once before - on the "monstrosity" quilt, and I have no idea when it may or may not be finished, as I will have to fancy a bit more to get it done and it irritates me.

According to Huffington Post, testicle-eating fish have been found in a southern Illinois lake. While I am concerned with regard to the introduction of non-native species to the ecosystem - I laughed.