Friday, March 10, 2006


Well, I took my CPR class today. We learned how to do heinous things to plastic dummies, how to hug someone for the Heimlich maneuver, and how to use the new defibrillator (spelling??) device that the company bought.

Then we took a test - and I got all the answers right.

I got an American Red Cross CPR Certification card thingy that is good for 2 years to haul around in my wallet.

I hope to hell I never have to do this. I know I can, and will, if needed - because I did when Dippy stopped breathing back in 1975 - but.... I really hope I never have to again. I was lucky - Dippy lived. Not everyone does, and the CPR part worries me - especially knowing how fragile a heart is from my own self.

But like the trainer guy said - you don't do it unless the person is - essentially - dead unless you do. So I will. But I hope I don't have to.

So there ya go, Kal. I be certified! (Or certifiable.....)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Answers to an Arab Muslim Proselytizer

Interestingly enough - he hasn't responded to me. I wonder why. His comments are with >> My answers follow his comment:

>>In Muslim countries it is safe to go out at night. You do not have to accompany your little sister.

True. But if you do not accompany your little sister, she will be shot by the government for being out of the house without a male "keeper". *DING* America 1, Islam 0

>You can send your kids to religious school without fearing they will get raped.

True. However, they WILL be taught to strap dynamite to their bodies and to murder those of other religions, or those of Islam who do not agree with them. *DING* America 2, Islam 0

>People will not try to seduce your wife.

But even if they do - or if they rape her, it is SHE who will be blamed and beheaded!! *DING* America 3, Islam 0

>You don't get drunk people rampaging in the street Saturday nights.

You do, however, on a daily basis, have swarms of insane religious fanatics screaming in hatred and burning flags, effigies of leaders of other countries and advocating the death of 1000's of unknown persons. *DING* America 4, Islam 0

>If you get lost in a muslim country your chances are that you will receive hospitality from more than one person (even if you're not lost by the way).

Unfortunately, the moslem definition of "hospitality" is kidnapping, rape, beatings and beheading. *DING* America 5, Islam 0

>Yes we have etremists, they are wrong and they do not represent Muslims.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

Now, about these Danish cartoons:

1) Moslems aren't allowed to draw pictures of their "prophet" because of fears that it will incite idolatry.

Too late. Any group of people who place the "honor" of a human being above the LIVES of other humans - have already committed idolatry. Every one of those idiots who sprinkle their words with "May he be forever blessed" and crap like that - HAVE already elevated Mohammed to the level of - or above - their "god" Allah.

2) The only reason anyone could possibly have to be offended by those marginally talented cartoons is exactly the same reason they are "funny". Truth hurts.

Islam IS a religion of violence, hatred and intolerance - a religion that objectifies women and panders to the machismo antics of the barbarian males who are so unable to control and constrain their OWN sexual problems that they mirror them onto the women - and then blame the women for THEIR inability to control themselves.

72 virgins. Of course, the VIRGINS have no say in whether they want to screw the filthy, lying, murderous bastard sons of rabid dog terrorist scum that allegedly are rewarded with these fictitious "virgins".

One can but hope there is a really NASTY version of the clap in Islam's afterlife.