Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The worst part about having a cold, IMNSHO, isn't the coughing sniffling sneezing aching stuffy head fever part, altho NyQuil did that right.

No, the worst part about having a cold is even if you do NOT medicate yourself to the gills, you still get that weird, floaty, not-really-here-but-here head thing going. Kind of like what it sounds like during the lyric part of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (not the chorus). "Follow her down.... to a bridge... by a fountain... where rocking-horse people... eat marshmallow pies...." part.

All kind of strange and muted and wobbly. The part that makes you want to curl up in bed with a huge pot of tea and assorted medications on the night-stand and just pull the pillow over your head until the world stops spinning quite so wobbbly-y.

Yes, the Mouse has a cold. And like most people who don't get sick often, I am being a total baby-wuss about it. Oh, I'm going to work, but I'm doing great at the "clutch the kleenex box" and "look at people thru the corners of your eyes" bit. Self-pity module has been engaged and copious cups of really pathetic tea are being drunk, all the while wishing that the hotness would not wear off so that I could keep inhaling the steam, which makes my nose run so I have to clutch my kleenex box again.

But it's only a cold - it's not like it's congestive heart failure or tuberculosis or cancer or anything, so if you complain about it you pretty much get looks like "Man the fuck up, Mouse" - which I can't do because I'm a woman, but you know the looks, those .... looks.

And since everyone at work and his 2nd cousin twice removed with a harelip and a limp has kids, they all get colds on a really regular basis, so there is no sympathy.

When what I really want is for someone in management to take pity and say "Oh, poor little mousie, you look all sicko and sad - go home, with pay, and curl up under a nice warm quilt with a teapot of really hot and tasty chamomile tea on the night-stand and take copious amounts of drugs so you will feel better", and pat me on the head and send me off.

Like that's gonna happen. *sigh*

Because it is, after all, only a freaking COLD.

But I'm sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, I have a stuffy head - and sometimes I get the chills like it was a fever...