Thursday, June 07, 2012

10 items or Less

Item 1 - Goose Update

Went to Costco to get drugs last nite. The gooses were gone. The eggs were gone too. This concerned me somewhat because there are companies out there that do goose removal and egg destructions because we have a Canadian Goose Overpopulation problem. I asked the "check your ID" lady at the front entrance what happened with the goose. She said that the goose sat on the eggs for the LONGEST time, but they hatched, and she paraded them down to the little retention pond over to the east of the parking lot, so that turned out ok. I guess the Costco people were kind of protective of their pet wild geese. This made me smile.

Item 2 - Drugs

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so angry at Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois. I need to take this drug, and it only comes in 1500 unit packages. My dr. wants me to take 1800 units/month. Pharmacy will not dispense a second package, because BCBS will not allow dispensing of more than a 34 day supply. I am furious. I am going to get action on this. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Item 3 - Cat

My cat is obnoxious. And adorable, of course, but obnoxious at 2 a.m. when trying to make a quick potty dash, splash and run back to bed - she comes in and starts petting my leg until I pet her back. Now I ask you - do I pester her when she's in the litter box? No. No, I do not. I really think that as I am the Provider Of The Sacred Kibble, I deserve a little privacy when "indisposed".

Item 4 - Chocolate

Damn you, Choccy. Damn you, why are you so yummy, yet so sugary and bad for my blood sugars? DAMN you!

Item 5 - Quiltaholic pause

I am at a difficult point in the Nemo quilt. I have blocks and blocks all made, now I have to assemble them into rows, then sew the rows together. This means a lot of "point" (seam) matching, which is a BFPITA (big, fat PITA). So I walk past the sewing room, THINK about assembly - and then don't even open the door. This is NOT getting anything done. It is also not getting Kal's quilt done, which is a priority, seeing as I am down to 24 1/4 straightaways left and then binding and OFF it goes!

Item 6 - Not Enough Zoo

So the outter border of the Nemo quilt is going to have a zoo print on it which will kind of pull all of the other colors together and give Manda something to talk to the baby about "See the blue elephants? Elephants are not really blue, but your Grandma is goofy". But I also wanted to make a pillow cover for a baby pillow which I know you're not supposed to give babies pillows, but Manda had one from when she was about 4 or so and she LUUUUVVVVED her pillie, so I got a small pillow form and will make a cover for it that coordinates with the Nemo quilt, except Nemo the Grandfetus is a girl, so I don't want it to be too blue, so I was gonna make it with the zoo fabric, but I don't think I have enough of it and that suxxorz.

Can I run-on a sentance or WHAT???!!!

Item 7 - Automotive Paint

Ok, here is one that I never had a problem with before. I do, however, see a lot of cars lately with the same problem, so there MUST be a solution.

My car looks like it has leprosy. There are patches of white ... stuff ... but not really stuff, more like the paint is all blotchy/bleachy. It doesn't flake off. But it looks horrible. In one spot (the first place it showed up) it did kind of rub off a bit, but now it is surrounded by more of the white stuff and the place in the center is kind of dull and sad looking.

Someone at work said my paint is "oxidizing" - but I looked at photos on the web of paint oxidation and it doesn't really look like that. It looks more like someone sprayed leprosy on my car.

The car is 12 years old. I don't expect it to look like the day I snagged it off the showroom floor - and it will have to last a while longer too. But the paint thing is annoying and if anyone has any suggestions - speak up, please!

Item 8 - TSA at the airport.

So, it seems TSA is getting in trouble for stealing things from passengers and for not groping enough passengers at Oh-Dark-Thirty when there are only a handfull of elderly passengers to grope.

So I wondered - what would they do if you got picked to be one of the "lucky" ones who get the full "pat-down" groping inspection, and instead of being a sheep, you started to moan and groan and have an "orgasm" while being groped.

I'm sure the other folks in line would laugh their asses off - but could they like ARREST you for it? Is there a LAW about getting "turned on" by a TSA grope-down? I mean, how would THEY know you aren't just really, REALLY sensitive to genital or mammary manipulation.... *evil grin*

Ok, that's less than 10 items - please walk thru, swipe your card and take the items from the counter. Have a nice day.