Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It was so much easier when they were on strike...

Construction on the Eisenhower Expressway extention (near which I live) had halted for a while this month while the workers went on strike. This was lovely for me, as the on-ramps were still closed so the usual morning backup was still missing - plus nobody rubbernecking at the workers causing accidents or just slow-downs.

Yesterday they were back at work. *sigh*. *sigh again*

They for some ungodly reason decided to screw up the traffic signals so they were blinking red instead of doing their correct red/green/yellow rotation. This meant that I creepy crawled to work thru a 5 mile backup. Even worse, I creepy crawled back HOME through a 2 mile backup in 90 degree heat with heavy humidity, bright sunshine and a dark blue car with no A/C.

I am dreading the commute this morning.
*sigh yet again*