Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I can't live in Florida

So we went to this Bok Singing Tower yesterday. 60 miles drive to hear some yahoo play a carillon - for about 20 minutes. Then a swan tried to eat my shoe.

Damn swan.

Anyhow. I watched the entire way down there - there were like 40 grocery stores, endless tire outlets - and not one single book store.

This morning I went online to check. There isn't a Barnes and Noble within a 45 mile radius of here. That is just unacceptable. I can't concieve of living in a place where all they do is eat and never read.

The swans near my house never tried to eat my shoes, either.

Granted, right now the weather is damn near perfect. Not too humid, not dry, sunny most days and cool at nite and warm in the day - just like Springtime. There are flowers blooming, and grapefruits on the tree are big and round and yellow. There are tons of oranges, tangerines, &etc all over the place. It's lovely - but no bookstores, and in a few months it will be hot and humid and miserable and all the grapefruits will be gone.

And they still wont' have any bookstores.

I'm flying home tomorrow. Out of Springtime and into Winter again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am homesick

I want to go home.

Not that I don't love my Dad and all - I want to pack him up in my luggage and take him along. But I want MY bed, MY stuff, MY car, etc. Vacation is ok and all but I really do like my comfortable little hermit cave.

I'm making crock-pot beef stew with beer and caraway seeds for dinner. I put in extra caraway seeds in honor of Zac. *snicker*

It is raining here today - but it is supposed to go away and be mostly sunny in the afternoon and about 76 F. It is sn*wing at home. hehehehe

I suppose I'd want to take the weather along with me as well.

Today we are going to the Bok Singing Tower. Some tower in a bunch of gardens, with a guy at the top in the tower playing carrilon bells. *shrug* Dad wanted to go right when I got here, but my legs and feet were so sore from the airport hiking I asked for a few days respite before the uphill hike to the tower.

I've been helping him clear out some of his mail as well. He gets a HUGE pile of mail every day - almost all of it one form or another of solicitation for his money. They play on his patriotism, religiosity, and sympathy - a few even try the "fear" tack. I had to LMFAO at one - "This letter double sealed for security" - So inside is another sealed envelope "To be opened ONLY BY (dad's name)"

So of course, I opened it up - and inside was this frantic plea for money to "defeat the godless lib'ruls" - and one sentance cracked me up so bad "This letter must NOT EVER fall into the hands of the liberals"....



It not only fell into my hands, it also fell straight into the trash can.

Another one boldly advertised "American Currency Enclosed". There were THREE PENNIES taped to the letter. I almost wet myself laughing.

I finally got fed up with Dad's nightly dose of Beck, O'Reilly and Hannity - so last nite I watched "Julie and Julia" on the laptop with the headphones on while he got his dose of Faux Noise. I must say that I really did enjoy the movie. I know it got mixed reviews, and there were a few things that I wasn't all that hot on, but in total it was a movie I would watch again, even if it doesn't have any car chases in it.

Thanks to 4-Dinners, I am probably going to have to make Yorkshire Puddings today to go with the beef stew, which is not traditional, I realize, but will have to do as I don't have a roast just to hand and I have a taste for them.

Maybe I can go swimming while Dad plays bocce tomorrow.

Monday, February 22, 2010



Dinner with SPTLM and family was not all that bad. Mostly I kept my big mouth shut, complimented the food, talked with my pretty little niece and avoided any of the uncomfortable topics.

My brother and I have diametrically opposing views on most everything - primarily Politics and Religion. I was determined not to start a fight, but it was tense for me because I wasnt sure what would be said at me.

Fortunately, the two topics were avoided and thus although I was still tense, it went OK.

My dad brought his bottle of "Pisco" (sp?) - some Peruvian liquor - that required a degree in rocket science to assemble into a beverage - or experience as a bartender. Since SPTLM was a bartender, we brought all the "fixings" and had him make the drink. Disappointingly, it tasted almost exactly like a whisky sour, which does not require all the various and sundry ingredients, and doesn't also require sending off to Peru for the booze.

Which means that if I ever crave one of those drinks again, I can just make a whisky sour and be happy.

Yesterday we went to Church. I knew it was inevitable, so I brought a nice sweater and skirt along with me. Will probably get stuck going again on Wednesday nite (Mental note - Florida is nice in February, but do try to avoid LENT next time...)

The wind chimes are gently clanging as I sit out here on the screened patio. There is a cool breeze, lots of birdsong and a baby squirrel wandering around in the grass under the grapefruit tree, and a cardinal in the leafless deciduous bush next to it. Very nice morning.

I still feel a bit lazy for not having any handwork to do. I want to quilt every morning. This is probably a good sign for when I get home.

Dad wants us to "do something" while I am down here, so as soon as I finish this little post I am going to google some "central Florida activities" and find something to do so he feels hospitable.

I haven't put my jacket on ONCE since I've been down here.