Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Boogie Man, Boogie Man, OOh!! Ahh!!!

So the Chimp has decidered that the death and mayhem in Iraq is NOT a civil war (despite what EVERYONE else says), it's just that old Boogie Man "AL" at it again - you know - Al Queda?

Boy, that little pseudo-texan is like a farking terrier dog. He gets a catch-phrase in his teeth and he just will NOT let go of it.

Apparently also, a Mission Accomplished is not a "Mission Complete", since he says that "merkin" troops are gonna stay in Iraq until the Mission is Complete - another stupid catchphrase with no plan, no goals, no actual content - just something to keep his inbred 25% loyal base followers from the Extreme Right Of Everything In The Universe content with him and contentious with "Lib'ruls" who ask bad evil questions like "How will you know when it's complete? What steps are you taking to achieve completion?"


According to the Goddamn Piece of Paper, the Chimpy McSmirk has only 2 more years to fling his monkey-poo around the Oval Office, so where exactly does he get off saying that the troops are gonna stay past his term of office? OR does he still think that Karlheinz Rove is gonna pull some magick rabbit out of his hat and get him a 3rd term?

Back a few weeks ago on November 1, before the elections, Bush lied (and admitted the lie on Nov. 8) about Rumsfeld staying until the end of his (Bush's) term. "And so the only way to answer that question and to get you on to another question was to give you that answer.'' - in other words - "I lied to get you to shut up about it because I didn't want to tell you - neener, neener, neener". Finally, once and for all proving what We the People have known for over 5 years - George Walker Bush is a bold-faced hypocritical LIAR who cannot be trusted. If George Walker Bush tells you the sky is blue, I suggest you go outside and look up.

So what makes this asshat think We the People of the United States should believe him when he says that this isn't a Civil War that HE CREATED - it's just "insurjents" fueled by "Al Queda"??

Do you believe him?
I sure as hell never will.

(Anyone who can guess what I paraphrased that title from gets a brownie point. *hint* - you'd probably have to be from Chicago)


Anonymous said...

Umm, from Studs Tarkel? Well, maybe I didn't spell the name right but you know who I mean.

Now settle down hon, don't get too worked up about the asshats, that is what causes part of your medical condition.

Take a deep breath now. Hugs.

The Dark One said...

hmm.. I like this guy bbc.. good common sense...