Saturday, December 03, 2011

Progress on Quilting and stuff

So, I took the week off after Thanksgiving (we got Thurs and Fri both off, so it was 11 days in a row with no work!)

Part of my plan was to rest up and give my back and ankles a rest, but also to do a lot of little things around the house (and maybe a big one or two) and catch up on my quilting which has been disgustingly ignored for lo these many months.

My only excuse has been - well - depression, mostly. I get all going on something, I set goals, I make lists, I do well for a day or two - and then something gets me down and I crawl back into my shell, and my computer and my bed and leave the world to its own devices, which is ok except that then the chores and the goals get all backed up, which depresses me more, which... well... endless cycle, eh?

The current quilt on the frame is about 75 inches square, and has 625 smaller items, each of which needs to be quilted separately. (I guess maybe "needs" is relative, but I WANT to have them each quilted separately, so in my mind, it "needs".)

As of about an hour ago, I managed to finally (FINALLY!!) finish square number 325 and roll the quilt back to the center, as I started in the middle and worked my way to one side. It's just a scooch over 1/2 way done. It embarasses me how long this is taking, because this is a quilt I promised to someone else, and the only other one that's taken even near as long is the one for my daughter - but that one is gone (lost, long story, don't ask) , and now I have to re-work another one and I'm having mental reservations about the pattern/fabrics I've chosen for hers and ... *sigh*.

But tonite I'm not going to be thinking about all that. I'm really, really happy because I wanted to do this during my 11-day weekend "stay-cation", and I did. I have a few more things on my list that should be finish-able tomorrow. No, I didn't finish everything I'd like to have gotten done, but that was unreasonable, and what I DID get done feels good.

Tonite, I am a person who got things done, and that feels good!