Saturday, January 10, 2009


Single digits - believe it or not!

It has been sn#wing all nite and all day so far. about 9 inches accumulation. Ironic, eh?

9 days

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Final Countdown

New Years Eve was never all that exciting for me. My idea of an exciting countdown was Apollo 11, I grew up during the "Space Race".

But yes, my Dears - only 10 days more. It is kind of funny to watch both sides of the political spectrum spitting and snarling about things that PEBO has done in terms of suggested legislation and picks for administration personnel. The Wingnut Right is screaming that he's changing things too fast and they're all worked up with their "Socialism" theme - and the Rabid Left is screaming that he's not changing things overnight and had the audacity of inviting someone they don't like to speak at his inauguration. I guess they didn't listen to his acceptance speech on 11/4 when he said that he would probably do things that folks didn't agree with.

And Sarah Palin is complaining of being "exploited" - as if anyone even will remember who she is in a few months. *smirk*

BREAKING NEWS: Illinois Governor Blagojevich Impeached

Yeah, like I didn't see THAT one coming a mile away. This line cracked me up tho...
"It's our duty to clean up the mess and stop the freak show that's become Illinois government," said Rep. Jack D. Franks, a Democrat

Excuse me, Jack? Can I call you Jack? Ok, thanks. Jack, if we stop the freak show that is Illinois Government - how the hell will the State run? I mean... I've only lived here for almost 1/2 a century and the state's government has ALWAYS been a fardleschnockered-up freak show. Just because y'all impeached the Governor-with-Barney-Rubble-Hair we should stop our long-held tradition of dirty politics and political shenanigans?? What is this world coming to????

10 days

Thursday, January 08, 2009


It is COLD outside. And going to get colder, according to the weather guy. At least the one on WBBM-AM said so. He's the one who cracks me up because he has as much trouble saying "Meteorologist" as I have in saying/typing it. At least I can pronounce my own job title even if it doesn't pay as much as guessing whether it will rain or not.

I will have to start back to wearing my "layered look" for this year - my goofy fuzzy hat, a hoodie and my baseball jacket from work, leather gloves and a blue/white length of polar fleece as a scarf.

Ok, yeah, I kinda look like Charlie Brown with all that stuff on - but at least everything except for my derriere stays warm.

Been nutz/crazy at work. Lots to do and no time to do it because evryone and his illegitmate 4th cousin Bruce are calling for payment information because everyone is afraid because the news keeps telling us it's the end of the world and we're all going to die because the billionares are going broke.


Yeah, the economy suxxors, but I do have to say that I find it amusing that these uber-wealthy morons are losing their shirts. It is somehow comforting.

Who - me? A reverse-snob iconoclast??


Had to buy a new purse. Well - not 100% of truth, I had already BOUGHT said purse, but I finally had to retire "old blacky" - after around 5 years or more of faithful service. The D-ring holders that keep the strap on it finally died. Orthodox funeral rites were held this morning at the trash barrel. It is rather interesting to see what all I've been hauling around on my shoulder for no fathomable reason for the last 5 years.

11 days

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Pardon the use of exclamation in title, but my car is not as enamored of me as it had been, so life is better.

Only a little over a week and a half until the end of the Nightmare Administration - assuming the rectal orifices actually DO leave. The Israeli/Gaza war has had me on tenterhooks, because I could just SEE it being a lead-in to some refusal to relinquish the office of the Presidency due to "Emergency"

Ratchet that Terrah Threat Meter back up to BRITE FIRE-ENGINE RED status and all that.

Had a long conversation with my Dad last nite. He's still afraid that "Obama is too much of a socialist". So I asked for particulars. No answer. So I asked him what he thought of "socialized Roadways" - you know, where tax dollars are used to build and maintain roads that everyone can use? He said we already HAVE that. Yeah - does that bother you? That everyone pays for something anyone can use? No.

How about our "socialized police force"? You know, we don't pay the police to come to our house if there is a robber or something - or firemen either. They are paid through our taxes, (and from writing frivolous traffic tickets), they aren't privatized, they are "socially" funded.

Or how about our "socialized" judiciary system? You know, the one where EVERYONE pays to have buildings and courtrooms and gavels and long black dresses for the publicly paid judges? True, there are filing fees and such for civil suits, but for criminal trials - and traffic court - they are paid through taxation, which makes them "socialized".

So where is the problem with having medical care - something that should be a basic human RIGHT, not just a luxury for the wealthy - being "socialized"? Where everyone who needs it can use it - like roads and highways? Where everyone has the right to use or not use at THEIR OWN discretion - like roads, highways, and public schools?

No answer.

I don't think he's going to even think about it. But I am.

And that is always dangerous.

12 days.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Third Time's a Charm?

Wed last week I took the car in to see about getting it fixed. They couldn't get to it, as I didn't have an appointment (What - mechanics are like DOCTORS now???), so they scheduled me for Yesterday morning.

Yesterday afternoon they called to tell me they know what is wrong, but they need to get a part, and won't have it until today.


So today I am taking the car in again early, J and C at work will laugh at me and tell me I lied about not coming in early today AGAIN...

But with any luck I'll have a fixed car by this afternoon when I get off work.
Which would be nice.

Apparently the entire latch mechanism was falling apart inside my door. No wonder I couldnt get out. Last nite I was able to use the "tab" toggle thingy to get out, but when I pressed it, it made a horrible noise. We will be testing the NEW latch to make sure it does not make a horrible noise before we leave the service area, you betcha!

13 days