Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Odd things

Odd Thing #1

I can't throw away clothes.

Other people can throw out clothes when they get too ripped or stained, or whatever. It takes an ENORMOUS act of willpower for me to throw out something, even something as hideous as the pair of black slacks that are so threadbare you can see my legs thru them if I put them on. "They're still good for gardening", I rationalize.

Stained t-shirts are great for around-the-house chores. Nevermind that I have to spend more time getting ready if I want to go out because I have to change clothes.

My closet is packed with stuff I don't wear. It's embarassing. Some of it I give away to Goodwill or whoever has the bins out by the car wash now - but a lot of it is VERY dated (nobody would want to wear it any more than I do..)

Let's face it - I'm NEVER getting back into those size 8 jeans in the bottom drawer...

I need to adjust my mind-set on this one, but it is difficult.

190 of 625.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Back to Work

Ah, home sweet home.

How nice to lay in my own bed, eat my own food, have my cat back from the kennel, and best of all - my computer and net connection back!

(Doing the ninja thing on my dad's neighbor's conn just felt rather naughty - not to mention the signal strength was poop.)

Back to work today. And month-end closing to boot. Yahoo. Yippee. I think I will need a triple espresso to face the stack of mail...

Dreamed about work last nite. How sad is THAT???

Ok - off to the grindstone. I'm glad I had time off.