Friday, September 09, 2011

Advertising Overkills

The first one I remember was the dancing silhouette people. They danced in ads for everything. They were cute at first, but then when everyone started doing it, I got annoyed quite quickly and decided to never click-thru on any of them, much less purchase anything they were touting.

Then the repeating (looping) GIFS - some of people dancing, others just of idiots acting like.. idiots - something mobile to draw the eye. Drew my eye, indeed. Drew it right to the spot - where I did NOT click-thru, nor did I do business with any of the companies using it.

The next one I recall was "Obama Wants You To....". Yeah. Right. Like Democrats are stupid enough to fall for such a blatantly STUPID marketing scam. Dear Repukelicans - we're smarter than that. We see through your silly attempt to scam us. Die in a fire. KTHKSBYE

Now it seems they've moved on to "ONE WEIRD TRICK". In many cases it appears that the "ONE WEIRD TRICK" is to have a really well-endowed chest and to stand provocatively in scanty undergarments in front of a camera. There's ONE WEIRD TRICK to lose weight, ONE WEIRD TRICK to get rid of belly fat, ONE WEIRD TRICK to get rid of wrinkles, ONE WEIRD TRICK to lower your car insurance rate, ONE WEIRD TRICK to enlarge your.... thingy.

What I want is ONE WEIRD TRICK to get rid of all the WEIRD TRICKS.

On the car radio, there is one professional voice-over guy who does ads for small companies for WCPT. Most of his rap isn't bad, but at the end of EVERY. SINGLE. AD. he repeats the telephone number 3 times, the first one as if it were a question, the second as if it were the answer to the question, and the third time as if it were the answer again. One time he upped the ante and went for FOUR boring repetitions. Good thing I don't have any sharp objects in my car.


Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Gnats or fruit-flys. I don't care which, I want them OUT of my kitchen, pronto. I got a "FRUIT FLY TRAP" thingy (pardon my caps-lock) - and it has helped some, but not enough and I really just want to bomb the kitchen with DDT and malathion (sp?) and kill them all TO DEATH in one swell foop.

Problem with that is that a) you can't buy that kind of anti-insect spray anymore, and b) I'd have to take Kili for a long (4 to 6 hour) car ride and she HATES car rides.

This is particularly annoying, as I really want to make stuffed peppers for dinner, but I don't want to have to fight the miniature vermin for my peppers. Grrrr.

Oh, woe is me....