Thursday, March 17, 2011


During my lifetime I've worked for 3 Japanese owned companies. One directly Japanese operated (I will NEVER do that again) and 2 that were owned by Japanese companies but run by Americans. I've met a lot of Japanese guys through these jobs (not so many women, but then, the Japanese have this thing about women....)

When I heard about the earthquake/tsunami, my thoughts went to all the people I'd worked with over the years. I never kept in touch - in many ways it would have been impossible to do so even if I'd thought of it. There's no way for me to go looking online or send an email to find out if everyone is ok.

But I find my thoughts going out to Mr. Matsumura, Kiyoshi, Sudo-san, Mr. Kinoshita, and so many others whom I worked for and with over those years. I hope they are all OK. I hope their families are ok. And I hope that the country (Japan) can get their shit together with regard to the nuclear reactors so that the population isn't all poisoned.

Because even if I had problems working with some of those guys, (that Japanese male thing about women...) I would never, ever, in my wildest nightmares want to see them or their families hurt by this triple-tragedy.

I cannot translate this to Japanese, because all the translators online use konji and my computer just makes that into boxes - but I wish for all of you - only good things forever. Be well, Japan.