Friday, June 01, 2007

My Timer Gets Attention!

A few weeks ago, Leandra sent me the cutest little toy.

It's a keyring, with a countdown timer on it - about the size of a stack of credit cards (maybe 1/4 inch thick) and with a picture (drawing) of a dejected-looking GWB on it. Yes, it counts down the Days, Hours, Minutes and even SECONDS until the next Presidential Inauguration - assuming we have one.

I hung it off the handle of my purse.

Tuesday night I stopped at Costco to get some prescription refills, and grabbed a big bag of frozen mango chunks (Sorry, Croila - I really DO love them) and a bag of frozen shrimps, so I had to hit the checkout lane. For the first time someone (the checker) noticed my little "fashion accessory".

By the time she had gotten done making a big deal over it, there were at least 5 other people clustered around - all of them voicing their approval - even a few who had been behind me in line waiting (which was nice, as I felt I had been delaying them!)

I love my little timer thingy.

In other news, AAA batteries are NOT the same as AA batteries and buying the former for an appliance that takes the latter is not a workable solution. I am pissed at me.

I will correct this tonite, however, as I need to go back to the grocery market. At lunch time yesterday I bought a package of sausage buns for my bratwurst. Last nite AFTER I had already cooked up the bratwurst and was about to bun them, I discovered that there is a thick layer of blue mold growing between the two layers of buns. They shall be returned today. While I realize that bread WILL go moldy, I don't think that it is unreasonable to think that buns bought at noon should still be non-moldy at 6 pm.

598 days (for those of you without cute little nifty count-down timers)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Advice Gratefully Accepted

Ok, I've got this issue, and it's bugging me.

30 years ago or so, I met a woman at work who just "clicked" with me on all sorts of levels. She was smart and funny and shared a lot of my same interests. We worked in the same department, about 10 ft. from one another for many months, doing the same kind of work and became very close friends. (No, this is not some "self-outting") She and I were like sisters. We went to the same (at the time) denomination church, both were fairly newlyweds, and I was driven to become friends with her.

Over time, we both had children, and she asked me to be the godmother to her oldest - my godson "R".

During my divorce, she and her Husband graciously and unselfishly gave me and Amanda sanctuary until I could get my act together enough to hire a lawyer, pack my stuff and leave the state. I can never, EVER, repay that, even though I've spent a lot of time trying to "pay it forward" with others.

During her time of crisis, I said and did a few things that at the time seemed to be of some assistance to her. Certainly not to the extreme that she and her hubby had been to me, but it SEEMED to be helpful at the time.

Unfortunately, "J" and I drifted apart ideologically - especially as regards those two Verboten topics - Religion and Politics. J became a rabid follower of Rush Limbaugh and virulently anti-feminist, anti-choice, anti-gay and anti-liberal. I, on the other hand, drifted more to the so-called "liberal" side, feeling that people should have the ability to make their OWN bad choices, to get assistance where needed, and that a woman NEEDS a man in much the same way as a fish NEEDS a riding lawnmower - and finally made the decision that Christianity as currently and historically practiced is not something that I espouse.

In spite of all this, I still cared very deeply for J and her family, and tried to tread as lightly as possible over the sensitive topics/areas. I never once indicated to her children that I had even the slightest variance from straight-line LCMS doctrine, and quietly refrained from argument with her on political issues.

About 4 or 5 years ago, this all came to a head. J laid into me with both barrels, reading me chapter & verse from the Gospel according to Limbaugh, calling me a Femnazi, accusing me of all sorts of vile things - and saying that I devalued her because I did not share her religious or political beliefs. The icing on the cake was when I told her flat out what I think about George Walker Bush. She countered that he is a GOOD, HONEST, CHRISTIAN man and that I was a horrible human being for not agreeing.

With a heavy heart, I severed the relationship. I told her that I would not take the abuse any longer, that I was quite tired of pussyfooting around her prejudices and bigotry, and that obviously we had grown in such opposite directions that it was better we just ended all contact.

J continued to send Xmas gifts for a while - then she just sent the semi-mandatory "Gosh, Aren't We Just Living Lives That Are Too Perfect" Xmas letters. Until last week.

Last week I got a very beautiful engraved graduation announcement for my godson's graduation. I certainly am NOT going to attend, as it would mean flying to Denver and staying in a hotel and ... well... confronting J.

Part of me says to just let it lie... let it go... forget it.
Part of me says to just send a nice Hallmark card and forget it.
Part of me says to just send a nice Hallmark card with a check and forget it.


Canada Attacks Holland

Photo of the first-wave strike force below.

600 days

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The long and (too) short of it

Ah, 3-day weekends. How fun is that? Unfortunately, the weather wasn't overly cooperative, and I had another of my "need to sleep" weekends. I wish I knew what causes it. I suspect it may have something to do with being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of housework and yardwork and quiltwork and paperwork.

I also seem to not feel too good after eating at home most days. This is a bit distressing, and I'm thinking that if I can pull together a few good hours, I may just empty out the fridge completely and wash it all down with bleach water. Perhaps there's some "science experiment" in there that I've forgotten and is making me sicky.

Every day that goes by lately gets me angrier and angrier at our government and the incompetents elected to it, and/or appointed by the Shrub. I wish I could get a better handle on this rational anger, and a bit more on the irrational as well. It's not normal to become physically ill at the sound of someone's voice, and yet I do so whenever the Shrub gets a "sound bite" on the radio.

I've been self-teaching myself Spanish using the Berlitz multimedia course. This is going to take forever, but I'm able now to read license-plates out loud in Spanish with only a few problems on the alpha-characters. I still have a bit of trouble with 4/5 and 6/7 as well. I don't know why - but I get those names confused in Spanish and have to really THINK about what word to use. I keep practicing, however. License plates are great because on the drive to and from work I see lots of them, they change constantly, and you have to be QUICK - or the plate gets away from you!

I could also ask someone's name, and give my own information, although spelling my name or address would still be tricky. The Spanish alphabet is not my strong suit, and I keep saying the letter names in GERMAN instead of Spanish. (I learned German in High School. I'll never forget the "dialogue" play we gave, Me, Z, Dave Smith and Denny S. - "Drei Ziegenbocken Barsch". Denny was the troll. We got an A+ for originality.)

One of the hispanic guys here at work says that my pronunciation is very good, so that makes me feel good - even if my vocabulary sucketh and doeth not swallow. I speak highly english-accented Spanglish, I suppose.

I'll keep working on it. I really would like to learn how to do this well.

601 days