Friday, March 23, 2007

TGIF and all that

Today is trash day at La Casa de Sewmouse. I hate that they moved it to Friday. It used to be Tuesday, which was great, because that way I could do massive cleanings on the weekend and haul out to the curb on Monday nite. Now the stuff waits in the bins until Thursday nite, and I have to be careful because there are rampaging raccoons around here.

Back behind our condo complex is a farmer's cornfield, and on the other side (the side by the expressway), before the expressway there is a greenbelt of about 500 yards or so with a stream that runs into a small pond up the way a bit, so we get our fair share of wildlife here.

Matter of fact, back a few years ago when I had hurt my leg and was using crutches to get around, I came home late one night and went to go in the back door. Our back doors are accessible through our gated back yards, all connected by one long fence that opens out by the garages. I saw what looked like a black cat shimmy under the fence just as I went to open the gate.

It wasn't until I actually got INSIDE the yard that I saw the 2 parallel white stripes.

It IS possible to run with crutches - just so's ya know.

688 days

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The results are in

Tumor benign. As expected, a "lipoma". Sore neck, but nothing to worry about.

I have, without a doubt, the coolest chiropracter in the world. Dr. Brad was the one who told me to get this lump checked out. I'd found it on my neck on the side where I'd been having the numbness and pain down the arm, and I thought it had been another stupid muscle knot. He told me to go get it checked at my Dr.

Dr. Nick told me to go see Dr. W, the surgeon, and the lump is now history, everything's over except for the ITCHING. So Dr. Brad, my chiropractor is the hero of the story - and ALL the Dr's and nurses were surprised he sent me to Dr. Nick.

But Wait! That's not all! (no, sorry, no Ginsu knives...)

Yesterday about an hour after I called for the results, I got a phone call here at work from Dr. Brad - asking how that lump turned out. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? Especially since I got so flustered with all the pre-surgery arrangements that I totally blew off my last appointment with him? I just adore that man, even if his politics ARE screwy. *grin*

True progress continues on the home front with the next stage of Operation Livingroom Liberation well under way. We are clean-bombing the sofa and chairs, and expect to move on to the tabletops and the cedar chest within days. Our mission is clear - we must destroy the dustbunnies where they live, under the furniture, so that we don't have to destroy them in the middle of the dinnertable.

I anticipate the discovery of cat-toys of mass destruction at any moment. We know they exist, we know exactly (sort of) where they are. We will begin operations to locate and isolate these dread kitty toys and reduce their numbers significantly.

To further this mission, I will be deploying this weekend the Hoover steam-vac, a large and very powerful fighting machine that has been known to eliminate stains in most of its missions. Further updates when available.

Sent off for some seed catalogs. I'll not use them this year, but I will buy from one or two soon so that I can keep getting them. I like to look at them.

Have a scrumptious day -

689 days

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March Madness

Ok, this has literally nothing to do with NCAA basketball. I think NCAA basketball is dumb. The shoes squeek. I can't stand to watch it because of the squeeky shoes.

No, this has to do with the weather, which is just wretched. It's cold and damp and overcast and rainy and windy and wretched. March, which came in like a rabid wildebeast is now rampaging around like a rhinoceros on LSD. How this can ever turn into a "goes out like a lamb" is beyond me, considering there's only 10 more days for it to go from Rhinoceros to alleged lamb.

Perhaps it will go out like a lamb OD'ing on crystal meth and Ex-lax.

In the meantime, my insidious evil plot to take over control of my livingroom from the cats has begun to show some signs of success. Moving the kitty litter barrel (I buy the big barrels rather than small pouches - cheaper) out of the livingroom and into the laundry area near their actual catbox commode has them sniffing around like I'd purchased new carpeting or something! New carpeting will not be purchased until the 2 felines go to the Catnippian Fields (or, if you prefer, "Kitty Heaven".) They've become a bit less able to make it to the kittybox 100% of the time, and seem to be puking more than ever, I suspect age-related, and so the carpet has to wait. No sense in replacing it now just to have the new stuff get stained.

I am seeing daffodils poking their hardy stems up out of the ground, however. This gives me hope that spring WILL, eventually, show up. Time to start thinking about what to put in the garden this year. If the peony doesn't show up again, I think I'll just take it as a hint from Mom Nature and forget about a peony plant. I should send off for some seed catalogs. Not that I'd be able to start anything from seed this late in the ordering season, but maybe I could get some ideas on what to pick up at the garden center. I wish I lived down near Peacechick Mary, because she can grow all kinds of stuff that doesn't work here, like hybiscuses and bouganvillia (which I think I just murdered the spelling on.)

I'm of the conclusion that this Alberto Gonzales/AG firing scandal has an awful lot of the White House-ians scared spitless. My guess is that the whole "offer" to have Rove and Miers and others "chat" with hand-picked congressional folks BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, WITH NO OATHS TAKEN OR TRANSCRIPTS MADE is to protect these folks from being Scootered when their perfidious perjury is outted. There are serious breaches of the law, breaches of constitutionality, and things have been done that are illegal, unethical and probably fattening too. My guess is that just lying to congress when not under oath is less of a crime than lying under oath - and with NO TRANSCRIPT the entire "faulty memory" thing that nailed the Scoot is still vaguely plausable.

Sorry. I'm with the Congress on this one - no deals, no special considerations. SUBPOENA NOW!!!!!!

690 Days

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Progress! Peace!

Well, the 15 min. twice a day bit has done some wonders on the "fish quilt" - Almost time to roll it again. This is good. At this rate, I'll have it done soon and will be able to start in on the "LOUD Quilt". I'm pretty much settled on what the fish quilt will do - it looks so PERFECT against the pale blue walls of the sewing room, so I think it will live there as the bedspread on the trundle bed in there. The LOUD quilt may be just a "fold it up at the end of the bed in case it's too cold" one. It's about time for me to start thinking about making the repairs to Veggie 2 again also.

Peacechick Mary who has been an inspiration on my journey through the valley of the shadow of Bush's Atrocities, has found a way for us to stand up and be counted (and probably end up on some TSA "watch list" as Kvatch points out)

Thanks to John from Left in Aboite, I got to see some awesome pictures of the march in Washington DC this past weekend. John was there, as was Robert Rouse of "Left of Centrist". Robert's coverage includes one photo that I found so profoundly disturbing that I cannot but comment.

In this photo, a man, looking to be about my age, or perhaps a bit older, is holding up both the middle finger of his right hand, and a sign in his left hand that features a peace symbol over the word "Sucks". Peace sucks. Fuck you, peace sucks. This is what the people who believe in Christianity, in "Family Values", in "Compassionate Conservatism" think. This is what they want for our country - war, division, hatred, death.

They're wrong. 3200 dead wrong. 600,000+ dead wrong.

691 days. ITMFA

Monday, March 19, 2007





Yes, I know that means it's healing. Unfortunately, it's in an awkward spot, I reallly should NOT be scratching, and all that, and I know it but....


692 days. I better not itch that whole time!!