Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spending my lotto millions*

750 million dollars.Can you believe it**?

So the first thing I'm gonna do is buy eveybody I know a car. But not just ANY old car like Oprah does when she personally ponies up the cash and buys a bunch of cars has her producer cut a deal with an auto manufacturer to supply free-of-charge a studio-audience worth of new cars.

No no no.

I shall give a specific car to a specific person. For instance:

Leandra will get a brand-new green & white Chrysler 300.
Visionary will get a brand-new black Lincoln Navigator with a plow.
Croila will get a pink humvee.
Kal will get a bright blue PT Cruiser
Rauf will get a zebra car, so he can go quietly and look like another zebra in the forest... (I think zebras don't live in forests, tho...)
Babzy will get a happy yellow stretch limosine with a gorgeous driver named Sven.
BBC will get a Diesel Dodge Ram Pickup truck in white - modified to run on french-fry oil.
Amanda will get a green VW beetle.

Und so weiter.

Just imagine it, guys! You open your door up and peek outside and see a brand-spanking-new set of wheels waiting for you!

I think the second thing I'm gonna do is buy houses. I want to own both my grandmothers houses, as well as the house I grew up in, and a very large, very secluded house somewhere in North Carolina - far enough away from the coast so as to not be hurricane-fodder.

Sure, that's a lot of houses, but my greed is insatiable - not to mention that 750 mil can buy a lot of real estate, which should be a good investment again after this current crisis passes.

Tomorrow I will go looking for furniture...

*Long before even buying a ticket.

**I hope not!! I don't believe ya'll are THAT gullible...

333 days.
Grampa used to drink warm "333" beer. I shall take this as an omen.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, here it is, Tuesday, and I've still not gotten to Costco to pick up the last of my prescriptions. Too cold!! I can never get a parking spot anywhere within a city block or so from the store, so I've been bad and didn't go - but I have GOT to go tonite because I"m out of diltiazem, and I can TELL when I don't take it - get palpatations and all.

Soooooooo - heigh ho, heigh ho, it's in the cold I go..... Ugh. Trying to be perky about trudging through the frozen tundra of the Costco parking lot is not working. I guess I shall have to put on my curmudgeon hat and grumble a lot.

I do have a new hat. It is ridiculous. A while back I had posted a photo of me hiding behind my protest sign at one of the peace rally's here - wearing my brown coat and silly pink hat. Well, the silly pink hat is still functional, but it is old and I'm getting a bit tired of it. Also, it pulls out my ponytail, which is then a PITA to recomb and re-tail. So I got a new hat. It is blue and black and white/grey. It is head-hugging, kind of like the silly pink hat, but it is even sillier looking. It is FLUFFY. Furry!! It looks like a blue and black and grey cat lying on the desk here by me. It is, however, warm, and not the pink hat, and it doesn't pull my hair all over.

You know, I've been looking at how often I post. It's a good thing they don't pay me to write this blog, because I'm one piss-poor correspondent.

By the way - Croila asked why I spell it Sn*w... BBC got it right. After the first 1/2 inch or so, it becomes a vile and nasty 4-letter word that should not be spelled out in polite company!!

335 days