Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The coming of Spring

Today there is a daffodil beginning to bloom in the back yard garden. Why do I call it a "Yard" when there is, in fact, no yard at all, but instead a small deck, a concrete patio, and a tiny gardening plot full of perennial flowers and a few pots that will have SOMETHING in them later Next month?

Anyhow - it is pretty, and it reminds me to keep the hope alive - keep sending good healing energy to Lea - and that I seriously need to get the edging fixed up this year, since to the best of my knowledge, we do NOT have another round of garden-trampling repairmen due to run amok through the area.

Even the rhubarb, which I thought had died due to squirrel-digging damage, is starting to make baby leaves. I love Spring.

In other news...

I got my new blood-pressure meds last nite. They are excellent. Not only do they come in A BOTTLE!!! Instead of those annoying paper-backed-foil packets, they also are kind of pale pink - and have a HEART stamped into them!!! How cool is that???!! A little tiny pink heart embossed into the tablet. Gotta love it.

So anyhow - I also found out that my insurance isn't QUITE as unreasonable as I thought - they are paying all but $30 on my test-strip prescription refills, and I did find this new heart-stamped blood-pressure med at a reasonable co-pay, so that's all good. As much as I whine and bitch about the insurance here, I'd be floundering without it. Not to say it couldn't be better, of course! (Just in case someone from work read this and thinks I'm complaicent now...)

Mental note: Take note when you get a papercut, and do NOT use "Instant Hand Sanitizer" lotion with gobs of alcohol until it heals up some... OWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Costco last night had these totally awesome 7-layer burritos. I bought a box - they are yummy. However, it seems as if the 7 layers of stuff (chicken, cheese, guacamole, sour creme, etc) are layered the short way, rather than the long way. So when you eat the burrito, instead of getting all 7 flavors in one bite, you get a mouthful of tortilla + chicken, OR tortilla + guacamole, OR tortilla + sour creme... which is ok, I suppose, but weird.

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