Saturday, October 28, 2006

The way back home

Well, my visit with Dad down in Florida was good, and I enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunate it had to be so short. Although since Dad and I have rather serious political differences, it probably was a good idea not to have too much time to dwell on that.

Drove up to Atlanta yesterday - my back went out at Dad's and it was pretty rough sleeping the night before, but I made it to GradeSchoolBud's *house* without too much trouble. Georgia road construction isn't too bad, and the weather wasn't too bad either. THe heavy rain held off until I actually found their *house*.

*House*, because it's really a farking MANSION - at least to someone who lives in a tiny 2-bedroom condo like me. 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, gorgeous piece of property - lovely wide staircase to the upstairs... it's just lovely. Amazing and huge and very pretty. I'm happy for her.

We went to go see her mom - which was very nice. GradeSchoolBud tells me that she reads my blog to her Mom. So I have to be good..... *laughing*

So this morning, I'm drinking some hazelnut flavored coffee, and waiting for the handfull of OTC analgesics to kick in so I can climb back upstairs and take a hot shower and change clothes.

Dinner last nite was unbelievable - Fetuccini Alfredo with shrimp and scallops and then a LOT of wine and a bit of death-by-chocolate cake...
My bloodsugar is insane (Go away, Dr. Nick...)

I don't know if I'll make it home tonite or not. I may end up in a motel in Indiana, depending on how the back and the trip go. It's been raining a lot here in Georgia, and I may meet a net-friend on the way home too, so that could delay things a bit.

Either way, it's been a nice vacation from work, and I feel less stressed out, so that's all good. I've reconnected with some people I dearly love - and hopefully will be able to stay connected now.

In fact, I'm using GSB's Wifi to post this this morning - I guess that really counts as "connected"

Be well, all.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Travelogue - The Journey Down

Left later than I wanted to on Saturday morn. I slept like a rock (unusual for me) and didn't wake up until 5 a.m. My alarm clock had issues, so I didn't get "woken" up.

All in all, it wasn't too bad of a drive down to Nashville. The obligatory I-294-80/94 construction was limited to a small stretch on the "normal" side of the border, and once in Hoovier-Land (Indiana - Not Hoosier, Hoovier - because it SUCKS THAT MUCH!), In fact, I was all set to cancel my usual letter to Jim Nabors telling him that he gets the words to the Indiana State Song wrong before every Indy500 race - (it SHOULD be "We drive like JERKS...In InDIana.....) because it was clear-sailing all the way to I-65. 65 South wasn't too bad either... Until right before Louisville. I'm a yankee, but I know that it's SUPPOSED to be LOUIE-vlle, But for the rest of this trip, it shall be LOUIS..vile

There, with typical Indiana Efficiency, there was a detour to go around Louisville.... and it was so poorly marked that unless you had lived your entire life within a 5-mile radius, you wouldn't know where to go. Being a life-long Illini, and all, Naturally I got lost, turned around, lost again, and finally even had to *gasp* ASK DIRECTIONS!!

IMNSHO, Kentucky needs to be moved. I think they could put it out on the other side of West Virginia, or on top of South Carolina (which really doesn't exist anyhow) and then move Tennessee, Georgia and Florida up.

Saw a dead Bambi off the side of the road, and a bit further along, a dead headlight and a chunk of white bumper.

Made it safe to Susan's place in Tennessee about 5pm and we went out for dinner to a really nice mexican restaurant where the waiter made her youngest son - M - order in Spanish (it's because the boy started trying to get the waiter to talk to him in Spanish one time, so now - with mom's blessing - he is teaching M some new Spanish words every time they go there)

Then we went out to a Play - a theater adaptation of Dracula. Susan played a maid and her son Jonathon (already Married!! Gah, time flies) was the crazy person who eats flies. He stole the show. Afterwards, we went to the cast party, then home for bed. Quite a long day.

Got up with first light and back on the road. Georgia was wonderful until I hit the last 50 miles, then it made up for the rest of the state having no road construction. *shrug*

Dad took me out to dinner at his favorite restaurant. He used to go there a LOT with Mom, apparently, and he says he just can't bring himself to go there alone anymore. The food is freaking awesome, but its' not really a "Dad" sort of place - its' a small restaurant that is built onto a neighborhood bar.

Got some nice chicken in wine sauce over fresh spinach... it was great.

Today we went out shopping for wallpaper and came up empty handed. Then I fixed a couple of things on his computer and I'm gonna have to run in a minute to go do some dinner-making.

So far, the vacation has been good.