Friday, October 01, 2010

The Teabaggers Dream

So the "tea party patriots" want no government, just a military - and no regulations, and no taxes.


This means no FCC. Anyone and everyone can transmit anything they want on the airwaves on any frequency they desire. Kiss your radio programs goodbye - every frequency will be like bad CB radio - breaker breaker, any takers, good buddy? Forget about free TV - either you pony up for cable or you will get just a mish-mash of bleuch.

No FDA - no such thing as a "prescription" drug, because they will all be available over-the-counter, with dosages and potency all dubious, because there will be no labelling laws, and no warnings, no oversight into business practices. That insulin you just injected may well be tainted with digitalis - but no worries!

No FAA. Anyone can drive any airplane anywhere anytime. No air-traffic-controllers, no NTSB to oversee safety - why bother with maintenance, it is only costly! If ya lose a plane full of folks because the wings fell off - oh well.

None of these things are mentioned in the Constitution (never mind that radio, tv and the airplane had not been invented yet when the constitution was written...), so according to the Baggers, we should not be spending Your Tax Dollars® on such "entitlement" fripperies!