Friday, September 26, 2008

OMG - WaMu???

I was 1/2 asleep still when I read the Yahoo News.

WaMu may not have been my most favorite of my former mortgage-holder banks (they bought mine, then sold it a while back) - but DAMN. Wow. WaMu... I'm kinda stunned.

115 days

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ZERO Tolerance

One of those quirky things about being me is the fact that I have zero tolerance for blatant stupidity, especially when it comes from someone in the Accounting profession.

Even more-so when it comes from someone in the accounting profession whose stupidity is affecting me in a personal way.

An example of this would be the statement of account that I received from my dipshit halfassed criminally stupid condo "management" association. I paid my assessment for this month on the 20th of LAST month - having gotten a tiddle bit ahead and able to make the payment early.

Statement shows the credit amount as the opening balance. This is correct.
Statement shows the amount of the assessment. This is correct.
Statement shows a $25 LATE PAYMENT FEE. Excuse me? WHAT THE FUCK???

Now, anyone can make a mistake. Perhaps the accounting clerk ran a report to show everyone with a Not-Zero balance, and applied the charge to all of them. It is a mistake, it's stupid, but it's just a mistake and can be corrected.


I called up to set this straight - and the FUCKING MORON who took my call tried to ARGUE with me. She tried to say that since there was no payment that month, OF COURSE there was a late fee. WHY THE BLOODY HELL WOULD I PAY MORE WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH TO COVER THIS MONTH? Oh, well... um... have I ever gotten a statement before?

EXCUSE ME TO FUCK AND BEYOND???????????????????????????????????????????????????

What the bloody hell does that have to do with the price of rice in China on Tuesdays in Leap Years? YOU OWE ME, BITCH, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

Well, she's going to have to take it to accounting and see if an error was made...



THERE IS NO "IF" ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, someone will call you back.



It had better be today. I'm NOT happy about this.

Ummm... she'll try.

Blatant stupidity.

Yes, they fixed it. No, I'm still not happy.

117 days still.

Another one of those "Tag" things

Kal, whom I love dearly has seen fit to "tag" me with one of those Tag things. If it were anyone but Kal, I might feel less obligated, but he IS like the son I never had who lives bajillions of miles away in another country where they talk different and wear kilts and stuff, so here goes:

I am: An accountant.

I think: I'm starting to get a handle on how this "life" thing works. Maybe in another 52 years I'll "get" it really well.

I know:
I've forgotten to do something important this morning.

I have: wayyyyyy too much stuff in my breifcase and purse. Time to purge.

I wish: I could eat anything I wanted any time I wanted and not worry about diabetes, cholesterol, fat, salt, calories or vitamins.

I hate:
evangelical hypocrites. "Pro-Life" folks who support the wars, "Christians" who want to do physical violence to those with whom they differ on political issues, etc.

I miss: Leandra, more than you can possibly imagine.

I fear: romantic "relationships"

I hear: Cicadas and crickets at night, birdsong in the morning

I smell: like lavendar today.

I crave: Protein. In cheese, meats, eggy things.

I search: in the most haphazard way. I'm really rather shit at this.

I wonder: what's on the "other side" that Lea's found.

I regret: not having been more assertive in my youth. I spent way too many years being shy and self-deprecating.

I love: Amanda, chocolate, my cats, having friends all over the world, reading, designing and assembling quilts, hot coffee on the way to work, the smell of autumn in the air on a cool August morning, moonlight on freshly fallen snow, apple coffee-cake, sitting quietly in the woods and listening to the birds.

I ache: at night, when my muscles and bones all tell me I'm getting old.

I am not: a Republican.

I believe: that when we get to "the other side", we are ALL going to be in for a hugeongous surprise - that it is nothing like what we think it will be.

I dance: When nobody else is around while I'm cleaning

I sing: in the car when there isn't much traffic around so nobody can accidently see/hear me!

I cry: sometimes for no reason at all.

I fight: with words.

I win: rarely - but it makes it that much sweeter when I do!

I lose: my keys usually twice a week.

I never: watch television.

I always: have a fan running in my room at night to block the noise from the expressway.

I confuse: my boss sometimes.

I listen: pretty well. People have commented thus, over the years.

I can usually be found: at home.

I am scared: that the republicans might win the election and completely destroy the country.

I need: another cup of coffee.

I am happy about: having only one more answer to think up, and that we're down to 117 days!

I imagine: the most amazing things. If only I could string together a plot line, the story would be incredible!

I tag:





117 days

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


From Wikipedia, The Ex-Cub Factor is a seemingly spurious correlation that is essentially a corollary to the Curse of the Billy Goat. Widely published in 1990, the hypothesis asserts that since the last appearance by the Chicago Cubs in the 1945 World Series, any baseball team headed into the World Series with three or more former Cubs on its roster has "a critical mass of Cubness" and a strong likelihood of failure.

What the Wikipedia entry fails to mention is that CURRENT Cubs have an even higher concentration of "Cubness", which thereby both overwhelms any other team's Cubness factor and explains why we've been waiting until next year since 1945.

Given the current situation on the North side, it is now certain that my Cubbie Wubbies will spend at least a small amount of time in the post-season playoffs. Some of my co-workers are even so bold as to assume that this year is different.

Oh, you dear, sweet, younglings. Who could forget 1969? And even if you DO forget 1969, who could forget 1984? The Cubs have disappointed fans for years and years. I actually DID believe back in 69 and 84. But I've learned, I've grown, and I know that getting one's hopes up in that fashion, only to have them dashed, is foolishness in the extreme. I love the Cubs. I wish they could win a World Series. But since having the Cubbies win a World Series Championship would also be one of the signs of the Apocalypse, the coming of the Rapture®, and Armageddon... not to mention costing me a fucking fortune in buying a dozen long-stem red roses for Grampa R's grave, I'm not entirely sure I'm totally in favor of disturbing the Status Quo.

118 days