Thursday, April 29, 2010

Being Counted

This whole Census thing has me laughing. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota (R-loonytunes) has complained that it is an "invasion of her privacy" - even though said Congressdoofus seems to have forgotten that the Census is Constitutionally mandated - and that she SWORE AN OATH to uphold and defend said Constitution in order to get her cushy job.

Apparently the criminal trespassers don't want to answer it either. I'm ok with that. See, the Census is used to determine congressional representation in the different states, and I personally don't think that the illegals deserve representation. No Representation Without Taxation!!!

Now, I don't like the idea of splitting up families, and I understand the folks who scream about sending baby Americans back to Mexico - or Poland - or Rumania - or WHEREVER - with their parents who are illegally trespassing on American Soil. I am, however, opposed to the "anchor baby" part of the Constitutional 14th ammendment. I would much prefer that the words "born to a legal resident or citizen", rather than just "born" be part of the wording. We really don't have to worry about the whole "negro slave" issue anymore, as it is no longer relevant. Emancipation Proclamation and all that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Stuck in the traffic jam that is the entire city of Addison this morning - and has been ever since they began road work on the Eisenhower Expressway - for absolutely no reason I can even vaguely fathom.

I am driving alongside a Porsche ragtop Carrera (sp?), a lovely little silver beastie with shiney, shiney, shiney chrome wheels. We stop, yet again, for the aforementioned unfathomable reason, and I notice that there is something red inside the shiney, shiney, shiney chrome front wheel. It looks vaguely like a McDonalds french-fry box. I am embarassed for the poor Porsche driver, in his sexy, expensive automobile that I could no more afford to insure than purchase - but then I notice that there is another red thing in the shiney, shiney shiney chrome rear wheel as well. On more intense scrutiny, it appears that the red thing has the word "Porsche" on it in white.

Probably something to do with the brakes.

However - Porsche? It looks stupid. It looks like someone stuck McFries in the shiney, shiney, shiney chrome wheels of your hideously expensive sporty automobile. Nothing says "appropriate color for brakes" than black, dears. Think little cocktail dresses and unobtrusive stereo systems and I'm sure you'll get my drift. Verstehen Sie?

Oh the apple trees are beautiful. All covered with little white flowers (that will doubtless all end up stuck to my car windshield when it rains next) - but for now, it's as pretty as the fairy lights that cover the same trees at Xmas time. One can notice these things while sitting in the middle of the road like a dead oppossum

It really is true, here near Chicago we only have 2 seasons - Winter and Road Construction.