Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I really hate MD's...

So I'm sitting in the waiting room before I go in to face the torture-chamber, and the news is on the TV. And it's all about the fucking Shrub and his visits around the middle east. More about him later. The thing is, here at home I can turn off the TV or go to another website or switch off the radio. Can't avoid the chimp and his disgusting voice in a Dr. waiting room. Actually sat with my hands over my ears so I didn't have to hear IT speak.

I become physically nauseated at the sound of it's voice. When I hear it, I hear the dying screams of 3000 servicemen, screaming in agony and pain as their life blood flows out into the harsh, unforgiving desert sands, half a world away from their loved ones.


I'm gonna do some number-crunching later on, maybe I'm wrong. Seems to me that if you double the medicine, and the numbers go UP instead of down, that would be a BAD THING® - but I could be wrong.

I made the suggestion - maybe I need to see someone who specializes in this... and got a very kind, very patient, very "understanding" lecture on how this really is not all that bad, you lost 6 pounds, these numbers aren't entirely the whole picture, blah, blah, blah.

He hasn't changed the medicine, he says to wait another month and then he will do a 3-month test thingy. Damnit, I hate that I'm not any good at science. I wish I could understand this crap. Fucking doctors.

So... do I wait another month? Or do I go find an endocrinologist and take some of this into my own hands?


Anonymous said...

Umm, geez, I don't know. I don't know anything about endocrine glands, or what a endocrinologist does.

Peacechick Mary said...

If it bothers you - go. If my mother had not said that to me and forced the issue, I would be dead long ago. GO. If it's nothing, then it's nothing, but if something can be done you are ahead. Right?