Sunday, November 26, 2006

Emerging from the pumpkin pie coma

Yeah, yeah, I know it's the tryptophan in the turkey that makes ya sleepy and all, but it's the pumpkin pie (with a mountain of sweet whippy creme) that sends me off into nirvana and makes my toes curl.

What a nice, quiet, long, quiet weekend. With a lot of very strange dreams. I guess when you take naps at odd hours you are just asking for strange dreams.

But why, for all that is holy, would I wake up this morning from a dream where the entire cast of The Andy Griffith Show, except for Aunt Bea - was trying to remodel my bathroom?

Or why was I dreaming that I was living in Grandma's house on Marengo Avenue, and Manda came to visit and we had a nice, tearful reunion and she agreed to stop by even just maybe 2 or 3 times a month? *sigh* That one hurt.

Upgraded my computer so it now has 2 1/2 gigs of RAM. Heh. I remember working for this guy, and we had to FIGHT with him to let us buy a server that had a ONE GIG hard-drive, because he was flabbergasted that anyone would EVER need that much room on a h/d. Now I got 2 1/2 x that in RAM. Of course, he's not around to see it - he's dead. He augered in on a private airplane, the way I always knew he would.

Tomorrow is back to work. I'm not concerned, I'm actually looking forward to it. I've spent 4 days without swollen feet and even though I know that they'll go puff-monster on me tomorrow afternoon, it's been good and I'm glad for it. Time to get back to the important things like general journal entries and AP coding.

Time to go get another cup of coffee now, though.


John Good said...

Sew - If everyone else but Aunt Bea was there. . .were YOU Aunt Bea? =)

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here with coffee watching the snow fall outside. It's not much, just a dusting at the moment, but the weatherman is warning of more later on. We can already hear the sirens. WA people drive like idiots in snow.

A personal note: someone we know, upon hearing my exploits yesterday, referred to "the power of angry beef."

Anonymous said...

I nap at odd times also, with strange dreams at times, but more often than not, I have visions, it's all good.

It's snowing here right now, but it won't last, never does. Nice to watch it gently falling while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa though.

Enjoy the rest of your day hon, hugs.

Peacechick Mary said...

I won't tell you that it's almost 80 degrees here right now, but I am drinking coffee and planning a nice nap.