Thursday, November 30, 2006

The New Coke Christianity! Now with more flavor!

Happy Feet, a movie about a tap-dancing penguin, I'm told, is running around the theaters this week.

Leave it to the Religious Whackjobs to decide that because it has an environmental protection theme - it's all wrong and horrible and "Lib'rul". Somewhere along the line, probably around the time the Xtians decided that "PEACE" does not belong in Christmas anymore, they also have decided that caring for the Earth is not an Xtian value either - in fact, it seems it now falls upon the heads of those horrid, hateful, "Lib'rul", "Satanist" Pagans to care about the fate of the only planet the Deity has given us (that can be proven to be so populated).

Ok, so lemme get this straight now.

To be a Christain nowadays, we need to:

1) HATE those who are tolerant of others.
2) DESTROY our environment and planet.
3) KILL those who do not agree with our ideology.
4) RENOUNCE peace, and all it's works and all it's ways.
5) CONDEMN movies about anthropomorphic tap-dancing penguins.

I'm sure I've missed something...

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Anonymous said...

They are convinced that it's okay to be that way because their God will forgive them and fix the planet. Or not, they don't give a fuck as long as they can be selfish and greedy and destructive. As long as they think they will be forgiven that is all they really give a shit about.

Then there are those that are into the Rapture (like that idiot, Bush), and it wasn't even part of the bible, but dreamed up by a crazy monk.

What a stupid planet. Hugs.