Friday, June 24, 2005

Weather Report

It is hot.

It is FARKING Hot.

Hot like this, I do not need.

I could not sleep. The fans are ineffective. Oh where, oh where is Ed McMahon with my check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS from Publisher's Clearing House so I can get the farking AC fixed?

I hate summer.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another Stupid Internet Quiz Game

Ok, so like - I never saw the movie, but my friend Kal had it in his blog, and so I went and did it.

Who the hell is this chick anyhow, and is it ok for me to be her?

And who are you?

What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?

You're sweet, but not naive -- though you like to be babied like a child at times. You prefer to have a bad boy by your side, but sometimes have problems understanding why he has to run off to take care of business. You want to settle down, yet deep down inside, you are excited by the surprises life throws your way.

Take the What Pulp Fiction Character Are You? quiz.

Ah, The Joy of Self-Delusion

Well - I did it. I finished an entire row of my friend's quilt project in one week. This may seem like nothing, but since it was taking me 2 to 3 weeks to finish a row before, I'm feeling rather puffed-up and jaunty!

Yes, it's that self-delusion thing. Doing 1000 tiny steps and not looking at the "big picture" until Sunday afternoon! It worked. One more row to go and I'm off to cutting for another. Yes, Vio - I'm nuts.

There is something so very soul-satisfying for me in working like this. Almost a connection to the past, although I have no past. My paternal grandmother taught me how to quilt - sort of - and there is a LOT of rememberance involved with that, but I also feel this connection to all the other women who have cuddled their families in fabric layered and stitched.

This isn't just a hobby - it's a meditation, and a catharsis. A means of expression for one who's words and drawings cannot express properly. Marqueax's Star was such an expression - of love and caring for one we have watched walk through the fire and finally come out the other side, a better man for it.

BabyStar was an expression of my desire - unfortunately an expression that was denied, but such it is - and it remains. She doesn't know it, but my initials and the year are penned on the back. It too is a legacy, although not of the caliber of Marqueax's Star - or of the new one that will begin after this pastel nightmare is assembled.

Strange to me how the quilts are getting names now. Each so particular to the person I make it for. Manda's Pinwheels, BabyStar, Marqueax's Star... and the other two I have in my head but won't mention here because I'm not giving away my partner's and my trade secrets. *wink*

But one is an expression of hope - and the other an expression of faith. Lea will know which is which.

Back to the laundry - already in progress....