Thursday, December 16, 2010


Nope. Not dead yet. Just had nothin' to say.

Was looking at some magazine photos at the checkout at the grocery the other day and noticed how many of the celebs/models smiles show both up and down teeth. Perhaps this is a "beauty" feature that isn't mentioned often? Dunno.

I do know that I can't smile with both up and down teeth showing unless I wrinkle up my nose, which then makes it look like I've got rabies and am about to bite your throat out. So being fat and round-faced isn't enough, I don't have a suitable smile either. This works. I hope the guy in the parking lot who saw me grimacing at my rear-view mirror didn't think I was going to bite him.

Got a cup of coffee from Burger King this morning. It has a graphic on it that says "Happily Serving Seattle's Best Coffee". Not wearing my glasses. It looked like it said "Happily Starving".