Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Romeo and Juliet at Costco...

Two Canadian geese.
At the Costco.
One standing, one sitting down.
The sitting down one squats and ruffles feathers and wiggles back and forth.
OMG, she's laying an egg.
In a nest.
In the wood-chip mulch.
In the raised concrete "divider" island
In the parking lot
At the Costco.

I smiled.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The muse has me by the left arm...

So here I am, not playing video games, not surfing the net, not doing the 10001 "honey-do" type things around the house - no, I am stuck in Quiltaholic mode thanks to my-soon-to-be-grandaughter-but-for-now-still-grandfetus "Nemo". And in order to get Nemo's quilt ON the frame, I need to get Kalshassan's quilt OFF the frame, since I only have the 1 frame, and quilting in a hoop is a serious ANFW.

I did that hoop thing once, it was the most miserable 45" x 45" that I ever quilted. NEVER AGAIN!!

Anyhow, Kalshassan's quilt has been languishing on the frame for years a very, very long time, and I am now at having only 27 (out of 625) squares and 28 (out of 50) straightaways left to go. I can see the end of the tunnel, and there is a baby quilt hanging there!

Meanwhile, Nemo's quilt is being assembled, parts of it are draped all over Kal's quilt so I can look at them and keep focused. The baby quilt is based on a quilt that I fell in love with in a quilt magazine that I bought because I fell in love with an entirely OTHER quilt that is in the same magazine and on its cover.

And of course, as soon as I started getting fabrics for that one, I stumbled on some fabric with butterflies on it that sang to me, and wanted some cotton-candy-pink fabric to go with them, so I got those, and cut some out....

But then, I found all the greens in my stash boxes and even though they are just EXACTLY the wrong greens for it, I made a quilt top to replace the one for Manda that got trashed a while back - and that goes on the frame as soon as Nemo's is off while I work on piecing Susan's and the butterflies and the blue/brown thingy and the 2 chirstmas ones, and repairing Veggie II, and adjusting the Monstrosity so it can be finished and ....

And yes, Bill, I am still working on it - sheesh, you're SO IMPATIENT!!!

And I don't want to do housework other than what NEEDS doing to keep the Dept. of Health away, and I don't want to play games, and I don't want to do anything, really, except quilt and cut and sew and read books about quilting and cutting and sewing.

I get like this every few eons or so.

ATM it shows no signs of letting up. Randy sent me another of Tone Arm Cobra's recordings, and when he did, it occurred to me that he hears music in his head and NEEDS to get it out of his head and thru his guitar and onto a CD. And I actually can relate now, because I see these quilts in my head and I NEED to get them cut out and pieced and SOMEDAY quilted and bound and signed/dated and put into use by me, or by someone who needs/wants/is-being-forced-to-accept one.

I think that muse thingy may have my right arm too...