Thursday, October 05, 2006

An Un-Politically Correct Solution:

I have a nice 12 mile commute to work from my house. A very nice length - long enough to leave home & family problems at home on the way in and focus onto work... and vice versa on the flip trip.

It also gives me a time to just think, and be, and daydream some. Today I was thinking about the illegal, immoral, unethical war in Iraq, and about when it was that *I* became politically interested. It was in High Shool,during the Vietnam era. I remember sitting in the hallway before class, across the hall my male classmates sitting with a hand-sized transistor radio held up to their ear, waiting for the results of the draft lottery - to find out if their birthday would be used to condemn them to death in the jungle on the other side of the planet.

I remember their fear, and their anger that they could not even VOTE for/against the very people who were going to be sending them off to die. And I became political.

The world then is so like the world now... but different as well. I do not see the news of protests on college campuses, I do not see protestors with peace symbols on street corners. And so I was wondering on my drive in - what is different?

And the answer came loud and clear. "The boys in the hallway were being DRAFTED. They had no choice, they didn't volunteer. The young people rose up in protest because they had no choice, and they had no voice."

This is when the answer came to me. I SUPPORT A RETURN OF THE DRAFT.

Now, my friends, before you go biting my head off... I have some little changes I'd make first:

1) Anyone (male AND female) from age 18 to 35 would be eligible for the Draft. Those found physically incapable of combat duty (using an ANONYMOUS, standardized medical screening) would be placed in administrative support positions. Rather than using birthdates or social security#, each person registered for the draft would recieve a "selective service number". Draftees would be chosen by "selective service number"

2) Collegiate Deferrments would be abolished.

3) Anyone who is not a citizen would be given a second "number" by the selective service, thereby receiving an additional "chance" to be chosen for the draft. Watch the H1-B visa abuses vanish overnight!

4) Anyone who has a parent in any form of state or federal elected office would be given a second "number" by the selective service as well. Serving in a non-combat (coast guard, etc.) branch of service will NOT exempt you from the combat draft. No amount of political "muscle" would be able to remove either of the two numbers.

Now, on the surface, this may seem odd. But here is my reasoning:

Vietnam became a serious problem because those who were being sent there to die began to protest. Imagine the protest if this were instituted? We'd be back out of Iraq in a heartbeat. College students would stage sit-ins, peace-ins, protests, marches, and write gut-wrenching folk songs.

And if each Senator... every Representative... all the judges... even, and ESPECIALLY the Commander in Chief... would be gambling with 2-1 odds with their OWN CHILDREN'S LIVES...

How many deaths will it take till they know that too many people have died? The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The 3 R's

No,no, no

Not Readin', Rite-in' and 'Rithmatic...

Rumsfeld. Rove. Rice.
Can't remember. Don't recall. Have no memory of.

Haldemann. Ehrlichman. Dean.
Do not remember. Cannot recall.

Nixon: I am not a crook!
George Walker Bush: We are in a war on terra

Sewmouse: You cannot wage war against a tactic. "Stay the Course" is a campaign slogan, not a strategy. Death in Iraq is not a career opportunity. War is the answer of choice for those without the mental capacity to envision an alternative.

I'm tired of the United States being held hostage to George Walker Bush's testosterone-overload fantasies.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Oh, Condi, Condi, Condi... tsk, tsk, tsk...

It didn't work for the Watergate guys - it's not going to work for you either. Bob Woodward is nothing if not THOROUGH in his pre-publication investigations. Rumor has it that he won't publish something unless he has two independent corroborations in ADDITION to his primary source.

So Condi, you WERE warned. You DID choose to pooh-pooh the warnings. Your "I do not recall" defense is as flimsy as Erlichmann, Haldemann and Dean's were - and I sure do wish that what happened to THEIR Lying Criminal Crook of a president would happen to yours as well.

Rice: No memory of CIA warning of attack