Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Waking Up is Hard To Do


3 day weekends are all good and all, but... Since I lost my alarm clock, waking up is harder and harder to manage.

Especially when the night before, some idiot has been setting off M-80's right outside the window in the street. I hope he blew one of his nuts off. Even better, I hope he blew them BOTH off. I really do. Folk like that should not have the ability to reproduce.

There'll only be 5 of us plus upper mgmt in the office today. Woo. hoo. I suppose this means that I'll get stuck playing receptionist again since I don't have a penis and I'll be the only woman working there today. I guess having a penis makes you incapable of answering the telephone in a polite and business-like manner.

Boy am I grumpy...
Coffee. I need coffee...