Friday, November 10, 2006


Ok, just to keep The Dark One from complaining, I'll sandbag the politics for a post and talk about me.

Gah. Boring!!!

Life at work has been boring (I'm an accountant. Comes with the territory) and overwhelming to an extent. I have to admit a lot of it is my own fault - I've allowed my desk to get out of control and now I'm having to whip it back into submission. It doesn't like this, and hides papers on me.

I have, however, in this spurt of desk-discipline, also managed to do a bit of extra cleanup at home. Nothing spectacular, mind you, but I'm working on getting the back garden to look more like a, well, back garden, and less like a rubbish heap.

Not that there's all that much rubbish back there, but when the guys put the new vinyl siding on the houses, they took all my pots and pothangers and wire-pot-holders & stuff and kind of chucked it willy-nilly into the garden part. So now if I want to get it out, I have to put on shoes that I don't mind having get all nasty and muddy and slog thru the muddy mush to get them out, hose them off and then stack neatly until spring. All the lawn-edging between the garden part and the patio part is fardleschnockered up too, so I need to rework that. THAT has to wait for a sunny day that is not too cold, since I need to dig a trench and re-sink the edging.

Actually, I may wait until spring for the edging, because all the freezing and thawing and heaving that goes on during the winter will probably just uproot it again.

I'm not quite certain what to do about the Peony dilemma. Should I hope that the roots are still there and go ahead and wait for Spring, or should I go out now and find another one to plop in the ground and hope that IT makes it thru the winter?

Or just give up and plant more daylillies...?


Janie said...

You are the only American I know to call your garden a garden and not a yard (you are British in disguise). What on earth is fardleschonckered ? and I had to go back and forth to spell that !

Sewmouse said...

I suppose I do sound a little Brit there, but the area behind my house within the fence just isn't large enough to call a "yard" - no grass, just a miniscule deck, the AC unit, a small concrete patio and a gardening bed. Absolutely no lawn at all.

Out front there is lawn, and a few small flowerbeds. I always think of "Yard" as being grassy and able to cavort around in.

Fardleschnockered, you say. Well, I used to run an after-school daycare center in a church.

One learns to modify one's language to accomodate parents who don't appreciate having the young ones coming home with "colorful" language. Fardleschnocker is an "F" word that most folks don't take offense to.

John Good said...

Thanks, Sew! I'm off to confuse a Schorkload of Fardleschnockers!
(evil grin)

BBC said...

Janie, if you click on the comment link and select open link in a new window you don't have to go back and forth, just toggle between the two pages.

Any decent computer can open up to twenty pages before it starts complaining. Or, you can just do a copy/paste.

Anyway, politics, I'm so damn tired of them, it's nice to see something else for a change.

Housework, what is that? Oh, I live alone, so who cares? Besides, I can't that frigging Martha Stewart that makes women feel guilty if their homes aren't perfect.

In other words, umm, fuck her.

Jules said...

Sewmouse, can I ask you to email me at the address in my profile please? Thanks. Don't worry, it's no big. :)

BBC said...

Correction... I said "Janie, if you click on the comment link and select open link in a new window you don't have to go back and forth, just toggle between the two pages."

RIGHT click.

The Dark One said...

My yard is a yard and my garden has veggies in it.. I know of no one who refers to the yard as a garden... and fardleschoncker is no worse than a choo'ing snarky farky charmer...

BBC said...

This Blogging is just too much fun to stop. LOL... Hugs.

Sewmouse said...

Well, hello there, Dark One! *hugs* Wondered when you'd come out of the gloom and comment.

Done, Jules - sorry for the delay, I was kinda caught up in "stuff" this weekend.

Feel free to use it, John. I think it would be funny as all holy heck to have it become "common usage" - would REALLY tick off my brother, which is never a bad thing.

BBC? You have very handsome cats. One of these days I'll have to post a pic of mine, if I can get them to sit still together again for long enough.