Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Monday again...

How the hell did that happen? Seems to do it about the same time every week.

I really don't want to have to get up and showered and dressed and off to work - not that I want to skip work exactly - I just want to stay here where it is warm (is COLD out there!!) and sleep. I can't seem to get enough sleep lately. I'm always tired.

Tonight is grocery-shopping night again. Seems I did NOT have good memory when I left my list of what all I need at home, so at least half of the stuff I got was unnecessary, and 1/2 of what is on the list I forgot to get. Figures. Memory is the 2nd thing to go, as they say.

Been re-reading "A Tale of Two Cities" - boy, Dickens was boring. The story is good, but the interminable amounts of description and exposition and side-color are just miserable to have to slog through. Cut to the chase, Chuck!!

I also watched "Star Wars, Episode IV - A New Hope" over the weekend. You remember? Luke and R2D2 and C3PO and Han and Leia and Obiwan? Back in the day, it was so BIG and overpowering and impressive. Maybe it's just my small TV and the lack of "Surround Sound" - but it just looked small and choppy and not-very-well made anymore.

Part of it may have been because I was watching the DVD which has some added scenes, and as soon as the additional material came in, my brain clicked out of "Movie-goer" mode and into "Movie Critic" mode. I NOTICED something different, and so I stopped being part of the story and became just an observer who observed a lot of kitsch and hackney.

Boy was Harrison Ford YOUNG then. Damn cute tho.

Ok - I have stalled long enough. Time to face the cold blast of shower before the warm kicks in - and deal with the horror that is my commute to work. Have a wonderful day, everyone.


betmo said...

well- dickens wrote back in a time where there were no action movies and such- so i guess he wanted to keep folks reading in those bleak times. i intend to read 'a christmas carol' this season. it is short and a timeless classic- and he was descriptive but not overly so :) monday does have a way of creeping up- and my usual day to go shopping is thursday- but i am going today as well since there is a meat sale and folks around here are greedy :) have a good day- and keep warm!

Frederick said...

Doesn't it seem that as the day gets shorter and shorter, the commute becomes longer and longer?

pissed off patricia said...

We here in Pop world were in a happy silly mood this weekend so we watched Over the Hedge. Yeah, we laughed like little kids too. I think it was good for our souls to just let loose.

Still in the 80's here so no cold of any sort. Last week seemed about two weeks long. I think it was all the election fear and then surprise.

Hope your day was great!

BBC said...

Work? Oh, yeah, I remember that. It's nice just being a bum now.

I did go to the dentist this morning but it turned out to be easy, he just took a minute to remove nasty slivers of bone that came right out. Yahoo !!

Leandra said...

I hate Mondays. I'm not entirely sure why since I'm retired and one day is pretty much like another.

This morning it was cold so my daughter's brain-dead dog spent most of the morning asleep in my bed, under the covers, while I worked on the computer. All I could see was two feet in various odd positions.

I did manage to complete over three pages of writing. That is a good thing.