Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Breathing again...

Well, it looks like the "Decider" has lost his pet congress. Thank the Goddess. I'm breathing again. Not as well, but breathing. Unfortunate that the Democrats did not get a clear 2/3 majority in both houses so they could take back America right NOW - but at least the Chimp has been shackled. Thank you, America.

The voting machines issue was a non-issue in my precinct. Yes, they had them - but the precinct workers offered the electronic machines - or a paper ballot.

ALL of the people who voted while I was there chose the paper ballot. I found it VERY VERY telling. Nobody trusted the electronics. Folks were waiting in line for the paper ballot booths. The American People in my area do not trust Diebold, it appears. I applaud their astute judgement.

No, the problem here is that they moved our voting site from the field house where it's always been, to some church just up the road. The field house is undergoing major renovations. Unfortunately, nobody MENTIONED to anybody that the polling place had been moved - and the church had an evangelical message on it's message board out front, not an announcement that it was the new polling place. Thank the Goddess again for the League of Women Voters and their website! Several people in the line complained about this - and it makes me wonder how many OTHER folks were not informed and therefore did not vote.

The good guys didn't take the 6th district - that would have been too much to expect in DuPage... but the Shrub is shackled. I can breathe.

Thank you, America.


pissed off patricia said...

Yes, it was nice to take a breath after holding it so long. I was a funky shade of blue until I heard the good news on wednesday morning.

The gifts just keep on coming, now we have the senate too. Weeeee, this is fun.

J_G said...

Don't unpack or plan on staying very long. Oh yeah, all those people that just got elected are already from DC. There will be no way that any liberal agenda items will be passed. There aren't enough libs in the either house. Most dems that got elected ran on traditional American Christian values. Some victory eh?

Sewmouse said...

Welcome, j_g

Got tired of stalking Billy?

Honey, if the Democrats follow the agenda that Speaker Pelosi outlines, and do as they've promised, the remaining Republicans will need to lockstep and march correctly, or risk losing what little they have left in Congress.

You say "Liberal" as if it is a bad thing. Jesus was a Liberal, Honeybunches. Jesus believed in giving to the poor, of feeding the hungry, clothing those without clothing, doing unto others and loving one's enemies.

Apparently you're one of those new "Neo-Xtians" like my baby brother, St. Paul the Lutheran Minister - you who think yourselves better than others.

You might want to do some reading in the book of Matthew, Darlin'. You might could just be a tad surprised.

I'm sure this election comes as a great blow to you, as it did to the Evil Bush Regime. And actually? The folks elected from MY state are from here. Just because YOUR state elected outsiders... well.. that's YOUR problem, Snookiedimples.

*points and laughs*

Sewmouse said...

Ya know what, j_g? I would LOVE to hear what you think are "Liberal agenda items".

I have a feeling you have been seriously misled by your political pundits on the Far Right Outskirts Of Insanity.

So please, DO tell what you think "Liberals" want.

*sits back with some popcorn and a diet soda*

This should be interesting...

Kvatch said...

Most dems that got elected ran on traditional American Christian values. Some victory eh?

Actually it was, and here's why... unlike most elections where there is some turnover in both parties. Democrats lost not one single seat in either chamber.

Not even Gingrich's 1994 revolution could claim that.

BBC said...

She is too burned out on drugs, to crazy, to understand what you say to her Sew. But it's fun to screw with her. :-)

A lot of those Repucks were praying praying to their God that they would stay in power.

I didn't seem to work for them. :-)