Friday, November 10, 2006

Hypocrite - thy name is Bush

Oh isn't this just fucking amusing? Less than a month after the Shrub signs himself a bill allowing him to hold American Citizens incommunicado without benefit of a lawyer, without charges being brought against them, without the ability to consult with an attorney or examine the evidence - to destroy the Constitutionally guaranteed right of Habeus Corpus... the Shrub puts pressure on Vietnam to stop holding 3 Vietnamese-Americans being held as terrorists without charges and without a trial.

Fucking hypocrite. Close Guantanamo and all your fucking "Secret Prisons" you asshat.


Janie said...

Just thought I'd do a bit of blog hopping and see what you spout (or spew, as you so eloquently put it) over here.
Couldn't agree more on Bush, pity you couldn't get rid of him completely (2008 - right?)
I wonder where we would be now if his father had ordered troops into Iraq in 91 and captured Saddam then ?

Sewmouse said...

Hiyas Janie!

My take on it is we would be exactly where we are right now. Shrub Sr. did one thing well. He had a U.N. mandate to get Saddam out of Kuwait, and that's what he did - no more, no less.

It's one of the FEW things I respect Shrub Sr. for.

Now that the country is safe from having a President who could suspend elections, we WILL get rid of this MiniShrub in 2 years, and for the remainder, he's shackled.

Janie said...

I'm thinking hard and trying to transport myself back to 1991.
The mood in this country was certainly more GO GET SADDAM. Half our troops were not in Afghanistan and I'm sure they were better equiped than they are now. God, I feel so sorry for those guys and their families. Before 9/11, 7/7 and all the bad feelings towards muslims we have here now. Then we had a reason, now we have 'sexed-up' documents, and a war people think is illegal.
MiniShrub - love it !