Monday, November 06, 2006

ACK - I've been Tagged!!


1) Name the person who tagged you
2) 8 things about you
3) Tag 6 people.

Croila has done gone and tagged me!

8 things....

1) I hate Dishonesty. More than anything else in the world. I can't stand being lied to. Even if what I hear isn't what I "want" or would "like" to hear, I'd rather have the truth than being bullshitted. My ex lied a lot. He seemed to think it was OK.

2) I love dark chocolate candies and turtle blizzards. For Croila's sake, because I don't know if they have Dairy Queen's in Scotland - a turtle blizzard is soft-serve vanilla ice cream with bits of chocolate and caramel and pecans chopped and mixed-in with a blender. This diabetes thing takes away a LOT of the fun in life...

3) My mother was never pregnant. *grin* I'll let you chew on that one for a while.

4) I always thought I wasn't at all creative or artistic in school. I can't draw my way out of a paper sack, my "artistic eye" is just not translating into my fingers. Anything I draw looks somewhat "cartoonish" not unlike many of the medieval book illustrations. I was wrong. My talent just lies elsewhere. I have discovered that with a bit of inspiration, I can put together quilt tops that are exceptionally bright and attractive - not exactly "work of art" - but creative and fulfilling.

5) I'm a fair lousy housekeeper. I wish I was more of an anal-retentive clean freak, but I just am not. I'm thinking of looking into hiring someone to come do some of the heavy cleaning once a month. I think it would be a good thing for me.

6) I would love to write a book. I like to mess around with words and short stories. I belong to a small "writer's group" that tries to keep ourselves doing SOME writing every week. Thus far my efforts have been entirely unimpressive.

7) If I could live anywhere I wanted, I think I'd live in Tennessee or Georgia. In fact, that's probably where I'll move if/when I retire. Much as I am a Chicago person, and as much as I despise the "bible belt" part of the south, I think living below the Mason/Dixon line would be wonderful, and I don't like Florida weather much. I want a LITTLE bit of nip in the air at Yule, just not mountains of snow and sleet and ice and -20 F windchill. (And I LOVE the way the guys talk down there...)

8) I have a bizarre fixation with the color blue. I cannot pass up dishes or household items that are nice dark cobalt-y blue. Had a roommate once who felt it was his responsibility to keep me away from buying any more blue kitchen items. He was probably right, but it was obnoxious.

Ok, so now I tag:

Trauma Queen Kal
NoLimits (aka LIMITED - get your blog going!!!)
Patricia from Morning Martini

C'mon gang - I did it - you can toooooooooooo!


Kvatch said...

My mother was never pregnant. *grin* I'll let you chew on that one for a while.

You're adopted, right? So is the Frogette. It's one of the most wonderful institutions I know of.

Hey...different topic... You're comment on Blognonymous yesterday was very poignant, but later in the day the Local Crank told me something that I wanted to relay to you. He said that the process of setting election standards is solely in the hands of the House (no executive interference), and so the ability to correct the mess that is the election process may be correctable with a Democratically controlled House and some will.

So, I guess I wanted to say that there is some reason for hope.

Sewmouse said...

Thanks Kvatch
That does make me feel better some.

And yes - you got it right on the first try! I love the look I get from Doctors when I say it to them after they ask the obligatory "Family Medical History" question.