Monday, November 06, 2006

Shoes again - things that make you go "Hmm?"

Yes, I'm a masochist. I went back to that shoe store. I had pre-armed myself with slightly edited (for language - I do tend to swear like a sailor when provoked) printouts of the previous 2 shoe-related blog entries to hand off to the clerk if I got miffed again.

The same bouncy little retail gal was there - but bouncing a lot less. She very quietly and professionally welcomed me to Payless and offered to help me if I needed it - then backed the hell off.


So I went back and started perusing the shoes - finally found one pair of black "ballet flats" that fit well and were comfortable - and there were 2 pair of them in my size, so I snagged them up. A short while later, the clerk stopped by and asked if I was finding everything I wanted.



I asked her if she had this same shoe in any other color. She looked sad and said no, but that she had something similar in red. I asked to see them, she brought me the box, and yes, the red shoes were comfortable too, so I bought all three pairs.

Yes, Gentle Reader - three pairs of shoes where there had previously been nothing but a walk-out. From the same clerk who inspired two nice long blog rants a few days ago...


Blog it loud, blog it proud - complaining and then blogging it DOES make a difference. *grin*


Anonymous said...

Goodness. :D

fashion said...

yeah!...nice post...I'd get more confidence when i wear my favorite josef seibel shoes....