Friday, May 30, 2008

Proof that I cannot draw my way out of a paper sack...

Remember those little drawings we all did as kids of a house, and a tree, and sunshine, and a bird and flowers?

Somebody has duplicated that drawing, but in real life and without the bird - and sunshine only sometimes, and straight lines instead of wiggly ones.

There is a sod farm a few miles down the road from where I live, and there is a homestead on the property. Large garage, painted white with green roof and green trim, 3 multi-pane windows on each of the 2 long sides. And along under those windows, dark dark peonies and iris with spikey spikey foliage.

I swear it looks just like a kid's drawing of a "house" (except for the big garage door...) I don't think it has a tree. We shall see when I go home.

Just delightful. I shall indeed post a photo when I get home and get a photo, assuming there is enough light because right now it is VERY DARK outside and raining and it's the end of the world and we're all gonna die.

So, I'm sitting here with more computer memory around my neck than was used to send Apollo11 to the moon. A 2-gig usb flash memory stick on a ribbon. Amazing, eh? I love TigerDirect. For stuff like memory sticks and mouses and keyboards they have awesome prices, and if I order before 4pm, I usually get it the next day. I've never gotten anything "huge" from them like a whole computer or a monitor or anything - but the stuff I've gotten has been good.

234 days


FLC said...

Well ... hopefully the world won’t end, the sky will get lighter, and we’ll see that photo :-)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"A 2-gig usb flash memory stick on a ribbon. Amazing, eh?"
The first computer I ever had came with two 5.25 floppie drives. Soon, that was "just too much trouble", so I upgraded to a HUGE Hard Drive - 20 MB's!

It still awe's me, I can sit here, watch TV, videos, movies. I too love TigerDirect. Got a 2Gig flash drive there. Mine is also on a long string round my neck, but likely for very different reasons than yours. I lost mine four times the first day I had it, and the fourth time my wife found it for me, she said either put it on a string and wear it around my neck, or she was going to take it away.:)

The Manic Street Preacher said...

I've got a memory stick but I've forgotten where I put it which only goes to show they don't work...