Thursday, May 29, 2008

Motivational Overload

Ever get to the point where there is just so much to do and utterly no time to do it in?

Or there's so much to do that you get paralyzed because you get overwhelmed? I think that's what has happened to me at home lately.

I come home from work, and I see Dishes/Laundry/Vacuuming/Dusting/FloorScrubbing/Gardening all needing to be done, each of them wailing at the top of their lungs for my complete and undivided attention - and the cacophony overloads my circuits and I shut down. I have yelled at the laundry repeatedly, but it simply refuses to do itself.

I know the solution. I got it from one of the most annoying women I've ever worked with, but despite all her less-than-endearing qualities, she did come up with one piece of advice that stuck with me. I know the solution - "Pick a pizza".

See, this annoying former co-worker was the receptionist for a few months, and had previously been co-owner with her husband of a pizzaria. After their divorce (WHY am I not surprised...) he got the business and she had to go find a "real job". The solution, however did come from one of her myriad pieces of unsolicited advice. Her story went thus:

"When I was IN CHARGE at the pizza parlor, I would see a lot of new employees who would become so overwhelmed by the volume of orders during our heavy volume times that they would just freeze in place, unable to do all of it at once. I would tell them 'Just pick ONE pizza - make that ONE pizza - don't worry about the others' and when it is done, pick another one."

So - I seriously need to decide which of my houseworking pizzas to attack first. The one I hate most would probably be the best idea - but one that has a large visual "DID IT" factor might be a better choice in terms of self-motivation.

Hey Amanda - your e-mail bounced - how about sending me your new address so I can put it in my addresses book?

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Ever get to the point where there is just so much to do and utterly no time to do it in?"
That point seems to be my address.:)

"'Just pick ONE pizza - make that ONE pizza - don't worry about the others"
PITA not withstanding, I think she gave good advice. Willing or not, too often I try to do work on the "microwave plan." Get it all done at once. Invariably, I end up with a cup of coffee in my hand, and a scowl on my face.

But then I suffer from this tendency to let "chores" go until "oh shit! I don't have any clean underwear!" so I'm a really bad source of advice...(:

Amanda said...

ok, so cox cable has lived up to it's namesake once again. after we moved, we couldn't get our cable or internet. so we called and we got back cable and internet, but no on demand, then we got on demand fixed and then they deleted my email account. i would really just like my email account back but the cox at cox cable can't seem to get it done. So I will be making a new email account elsewhere and will let you know when that has been completed. Love ya.

Mrs. Who said...

So true. And I do this when cleaning a room as well, only I do it in a circle. Start in one place, do one thing, then move around until everything is done and the place is sparkling. This may make me sound like my house is immaculate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Croila said...

Oh gawd I know exactly what you mean about not knowing where to start. And yelling at the laundry, it's just not FAIR, that SHOULD work but it doesn't! Nice pizza analogy though. I'll remember that one.