Monday, June 02, 2008

More Proof I Cannot Draw For ***t.

Ok. Well. Here, as sort-of-promised, a photo of the little garage-house. Now, unfortunately, it is farking impossible for me to get a photo at the angle that I saw it the other night, because there is a big honking utility pole in the way, and there's no place to pull off the road to take a decent photo. I took this thru my filthy dirty windshield from a cross-street about 1/4 mile away from the actual building, so shoot me that it doesn't look right. Also, as you can probably see, it was still raining a bit.

The actual house is further off to the left. You can see the screened-in mudroom area between the garage and the house, but the house is a very attractive long ranch-style. All with green roof and white siding. Well kept and rather pretty.

The weekend was off and on - seemed like every time I got things "together" to do stuff outside it would get nasty out again. So I spent time working inside and have gotten a few things done, which makes me feel a tiny bit better.

Still waiting on my order. Got myself the directors cut of Amadeus and a few other goodies, including the newest Diane Mott Davidson CTMM. (Cheap, trashy murder mystery) I am such a sucker for those.

The lady across the street has a new puppy. He's adorable. About 18" tall, got a tail that curls over his back like an akita - brown and white with a "snoopy" nose and perky ears. She told me what kind he was, but I cannot remember. I wish I was home enough to have a dog, but that's just not gonna happen until I retire, or get a roommate who's home during the days.

Not fair to a pup to leave him in a crate all day, take him for a short evening jaunt, play a bit and then shove him back in crate at nite. Nah - I'll wait until I can take care of one properly.

ps: I was wrong. There is a tree.

231 days

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