Wednesday, May 28, 2008


T'is cold today. Was very cold last nite, and I forgot I'd turned off the furnace until like 3 a.m. at which point it was too late, so I just burrowed under the covers and swore a lot.

I was going to write a whole gigabyte here about another of the forwarded e-mails from my super-religious family, but then I read something on TFWY's and on Enigma4ever's blogs (differing opinions, to be certain) and another set of thoughts started percolating around.

Oh, I'll get back to the gigabyte diatribe later - perhaps not even a diatribe, perhaps just the very sad, very hurt feeling I have regarding this e-mail. But enough.

It would appear from things said in the last few days - and will doubtless become 100% certain by the end of the week - that the Democratic party will be close to anointing their Sacrifice to the System - whether Senator Obama or Senator Clinton.

I can understand that there are folks who are not happy with Senator Obama. I can understand that there are other folks who are not happy with Senator Clinton. I can even understand that there are staunch Democratic folks who are not happy with either of the 2 remaining candidates. Fair enough.

Whatever our reasons, however, I think it is important to take a step back, a deep breath - let your eyes wander over the lovely spring flowers, breathe deep of the crisp clean air... and remember that all of us want a Better America, but that our own visions of a "Better America" are all going to be different.

Just as Man has created his God in his own image, so too it seems, many are intent on ONLY voting for a Presidential Candidate who shares all .. not most... not some... not just the important ones, ... but ALL of their personal agendas.

Dad does this "Can't vote for X - he's pro-gay. Can't vote for Y - he's anti-social-security. Can't vote for Z - he's not a Real Republican©"

Sometimes we have to back away from our own pet issues and take a look at the larger picture. Sometimes we have to think long and hard not only about what will benefit ourselves and our agendas, but that of the community as well. Sometimes we have to swallow our pride - a most bitter pill! - and realize that even though our pet issue is not going to be addressed, the people running for office are trying to do the best they can - and will try to benefit the MOST people possible.

Dad and his groups are ardent Conservatives - of the OLD school of conservatism, not the current corporate-welfare, pander to the elite neocon conservatives. I'm not ashamed to say that I am a liberal. Dad knows this - and he knows that I'll get up a head of steam if he yanks hard enough on my chain - and we both love each other so much that we just both back off and talk about citrus trees. (Long story)

So what I'm asking for here - from all my pals - is a bit of a moritorium on knee-jerk responses. Just because someone doesn't approve of your pick for candidate and states his/her reasons doesn't make them an abominable troll or an idiot. Not everyone is verbally Shakespeare, so consider that it may not be ignorance, or negativity but possibly the "tone" that the internet gives things that don't have inflections and gestures to soften.

Please can we all who have been such a comfort and support to one another through the last 7 1/2 years of hell stop backbiting and sniping and knee-jerking - and remember that after this is all over - however it turns out - we are still all going to be Americans, we all still have to live together and get along (Shaddup, Manic, I know you're not 'Merkan).

And all that.

236 days

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

Apparently you read my raging diatribe, and it was meant to be just that.
I sat by silently and read months of that blogger slandering, demeaning one of the candidates (of their own alleged party) relentlessly, for no perceptible reason other than that candidate wasn't her choice, with no comment. Right Wing people do stuff like that, and I called her exactly what her actions portrayed her as.

Earlier, on someone else's blog, she choose to tell me I should "read the whole thing" and I "didn't understand how "she" (the candidate) said it." Those were leaps of assumption on the part of a blogger that has done nothing BUT make unsupported assumptions and create discord for months. Then she added to it by saying I didn't understand the issues, that it wasn't blah blah, it was blah blah instead, and of course the last blah blah's were her view. There's two things I hope to teach that blogger before I'm done. 1) There MIGHT be a God. 2)It SURE as hell isn't her, so get off the self appointed throne of all knowledge, and quit being a hypocrite.

People like that are going to get their heads torn off a hundred out of a hundred times, when it's me the unproven assumptions are being bandied about in writing.

And NOW, the blogger is saying "I hope we can all come together!"

Me too. Her standing up and admitting she's been a major player in creating that divide in the first place, would be one hell of a good start! Again, those are Right Wing tactics, and I again called her exactly what she showed she was, and will continue to do so.

How long this will continue will be her decision.