Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My plants love me

Yesterday I thought I'd killed about 8 of them. Ones I hadn't gotten into the ground yet, due to me being a lazy slob and not wanting to dig holes. They were bone dry (why do we say that? Bones are pretty darn wet if they are inside people like they supposed to be). So I flooded the cardboard tray they were in, gave the dirt in their pots a sprinkle and went in and had a G&T.

This morning they were perky and upright and beaming at me. Yes they were beaming. They're my plants, dammit, and if I want them to beam, they're gonna BEAM!!!

So anyhow, the little baby impatiens will survive, and all will be well as soon as I put in another 40 minutes or so on the gardening and digging holes and rescuing the subsiding wire plant thingys.

Lea is hanging in there. Got some really good advice from a visiting healthcare worker, and found some other "workarounds", so she's doing a bit better between the Chemo appointments. I'm glad she's found some relief for the mouth sores, they sounded utterly miserable.

I think I shall buy some new tomato cages. The ones I have are probably 15 yrs old and all rusty and nasty. Since I only have 2 tomato plants this year, I'll only buy 2 cages, but I will buy some sticks, because I think the pepper plants need sticks.

More to say, but will have to wait for later - lunchtime is over, back to work!

237 days

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The Manic Street Preacher said...

it rains a lot here so I just talk to mine.

They talk back too. Honest. It's not the vodka.