Friday, May 18, 2007

Today We Are Two

Happy Birthday, Little Blog

Who would have guessed 2 years ago that I'd still be yammering on here now? Or that I'd have met folks from all over the place, some of whom have become friends (at least in MY mind!) and read my insane ramblings?

When I first started typing here on this date in 2005, I really had no idea what direction this blog would move. In many ways it has been a journey of learning about what interests me - not just for those who read it, but for the one typing as well. Every so often I have to go back and find my own "roots" - the parts of me that keep running away and hiding while I am busy trying to be "grown up" and "responsible" and crap like that.

My sincere apologies for the exceptionally PISS POOR edit on the cake picture. There was some goofy kid in tennis shoes who simply HAD to be removed - and why exactly is it that one can find TONS of pictures of cakes with 1 candle, or 3 candles, or 127 candles - but NONE with just TWO candles? So I had to get rid of a candle. So the cake looks kind of saggy. Sorry guys.

Hopefully it's not soggy - and everybody gets a slice.

612 days


BBC said...


My blog has been a journey of many different paths, it's all been interesting though. But it's too bad that I haven't gotten the message across that we are God in evolution. The monkeys don't want to accept that though. They can't keep screwing up the planet if they take responsibility for it, being God.

Opp's better get off my soapbox.

Hey, have a great day, hugs.

DivaJood said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely blog! and You.

Peacechick Mary said...

Happy Blogday! Mmmm, the cake is delicious. I always say, it doesn't look right, but it'll taste good.

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday Sew. :) Many more.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Happy Birthday, and keep yammering!!

Anonymous said...

Here's to your blog
Here's to your blog
Best wishes from a fro-og
Here's to your blog!!! :-)

(Sorry I'm late.)