Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The "Simpsons" is going into its 18th season this year, and challenging "Gunsmoke's" record as longest-running program. Rather amazing, really. A cartoon.

According to Nielsen, Americans are now watching less TV. Or watching it different ways than previously - by recording programs and watching later, or by streaming them on "pods" or other ways. The networks seem convinced that they are still being watched, just differently.

Newsflash to the networks: This mouse stopped watching television except for a RARE sports event or news program. Oh, and I will watch the "Nutcracker" on PBS every Xmas time.

Quite simply - I have no use for a monitor without a keyboard. If I can't really "interact" with it, I really can't drum up any enthusiasm for it anymore. I love video games, I like computer games, I enjoy watching movies (I knit or quilt at the same time), but I have no patience any more for the predigested crap that passes for "Entertainment" on television, and the "news" on TV is abysmally lacking. I don't get cable TV because I can't see the point of paying 50+ bucks a month for something I'd never watch. Same reason for not getting newspaper delivery - why pay for the privilege of recycling something? It's not like I have a birdcage that needs lining or anything.

Yes, the Big Bad Evil Internet has eaten my TV's space in my heart. All my TV time are belong to the Internet. *chuckle*

614 days

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BBC said...

You know

I never had a TV around much when I was raising a family

I have never been on cable or anything like that

I own about five of them now, don't know why, they just showed up, I seldom use one except to watch movies

I think I have seen less than six of the Simpson's shows.

When Marie and I was together we watched TV many evenings, things that we enjoyed seeing together

Well, at least we where enjoying something together

I liked home improvement with Tim Allen

And Cheers was funny

The last TV I watched other than going to Beer Church to watch a race was Becker, that cranky fart reminds me of me.