Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eat... sleep

I think this may be a side-effect of the diabetes, but I'm getting to where if I want to do ANYTHING at home at night, I better do it before dinner, because afterward I turn into jello and fall asleep like a rock. It's quite annoying, really.

From the "Good things" list - the bank statement at work balanced to the penny in less than 24 hours. I love it when that happens. Unlike 99% of the rest of the world, I actually ENJOY balancing the bank statement. It's like a puzzle or a cryptogram. Just keep chipping away at it until every number matches. The hard ones are frustrating, but still fun. THe easy ones do make me smile, however. It means I've done everything right for a whole month. That's rather amazing, no?

I need to remember to pick up beer on the way home - I bought some bratwurst and need to do the boiling bit before I can broil them. Beer-soaked bratwurst is one of the very FEW things from Wisconsin that are good things. (I am not a big fan of cheddarheadland)

Tonight I am planning on being a bit of a housework slug. I have 3 chores to do, and that's all I'm gonna do. Then I'll spend the rest of the time playing with fabric to finish cutting BBC's quilt out and to get another "square" done on the fish quilt so the frame will be ready and free when I need it.

615 days

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BBC said...

I'm a housework slug every night. LOL

I wish I could get to sleep as easily as you do, I spend hours on the computer and still get up early.

Beer-soaked bratwurst sounds good, wish I was having dinner with you tonight.

It's beautiful here today, I took my shirt off while working outside to get some sun.

*yawn* I think I will take a short nap.