Monday, May 21, 2007

Jimmy - Ya Got it Right the First Time!

President Carter apparently dissed Bush and his crap administration, but unfortunately went and backpedaled when the faux administration with its usual lack of honor and/or civility rudely referred to the aging former President as "increasingly irrelevant".

You got it right the first time, Jimmy. His IS the worst presidency in the history of the country, bar none, including Nixon. There are NO redeeming qualities to the Bush Regime, and quite frankly, not only should he be impeached, convicted, removed from office and imprisoned along with his entire staff, the VP and any and all political appointees, I also think he should be expunged from the country's history - in the grand tradition of the Egyptian "Heretic Pharoah" Akhenaton - his icons and name and image stricken from any and all records, all his lands and chattels reverting to the Republic, his family disgraced and made homeless as well as those of his hirelings.

609 days

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BBC said...

Well hon, I like to think as it as the rights last breath.