Thursday, May 24, 2007

Don't Call Me

Someone in another forum asked the question "Why are Americans so rude on the telephone? I work in the telephone industry and get rude people all the time when I call them. Why can't people be nice?" This is my response:

Don't call me.

If you aren't a close friend or relative - don't call me. I don't want to talk to you.

You are wasting my time, you are possibly blocking a call from someone to whom I DO want to talk.

If there are fraudulent charges on my credit card, I'll be able to find them when I reconcile my statement - and I can call you then - and it won't cost me a DIME more than it would if you pestered me about "seemingly fraudulent" charges that just happen to be legitimate changes in my purchasing habits.

Don't call me. I don't care about your political stance. I won't vote for you or your candidate if you pester me by phone.

Don't call me. If I want to donate to your charity, I will donate. If you want me to know about your cause - snail-mail still works fine. Don't call me. Calling me will do nothing but guarantee that I will NEVER donate to your charity.

Don't call me. I don't care about your religion. I've probably already considered and rejected its theology over 20 years ago.

Don't call me. I'm on the National Do-Not Call list, and I WILL report you if you call pretending to take a survey so you can tout your product.

Don't call me. Yes, I bought a car from your dealership 10 years ago. It sucked. Total lemon. I will never purchase another vehicle from you again. Die in a fire.

Don't call me. I already know that my payment is late, you vulture. You're only contributing to my medical distress and delaying your payment more due to increased medical bills. Don't call me.

My doctors office often calls me with updates on tests, or reminders about appointments - I'm NEEDING to talk to them - I don't NEED to talk to asshats with no life who make rude obtrusive phone calls for a "job". Don't call me.

Don't call me.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much the same way, but now with cell phones, I can screen. Don't recognize the number? Well you better like voice mail.

BBC said...

I won't...

Hell, I don't even have your phone number.

And even if I did I wouldn't call you unless I really needed to hear your voice. I have email. To me phones are for business, I don't like to just bullshit on them.

If I want to bullshit with someone I want to do it in person.

It's a people world, not a telephone world. Hugs.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Two words: "Caller ID."

However, on my more crabby days, I keep an old whistle I have from my basketball refereeing days, by the phone, and when it's anybody I don't want, I blow it. Long, Loud, and Clear. Then I yell "Dammit Jack, I told you don't do that in the house!"

If my caller still isn't gone, "Jack" does it again.:)

M.C. Glammer said...

When I get telesales calls I interrupt quickly to ask them if they've ever considered replacement windows/laminate flooring/switching their mortgage/etc. They could be making huge savings, along with their friends if they'd like to give me their numbers, too.

When Spike Milligan got a call from somebody looking for money he used to tell them each month he put all the names of people he owed money to into a hat. He'd pick two names out and pay them, and if the caller ever called again he'd stop putting their name in the hat.