Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Old rants, new habits

Ok, I started this post yesterday at lunch, but then I got sidetracked by this little annoyance called "work" and put the beginning of a nice rant to the side. I've since forgotten what I was gonna rant about other than this bit:

Stupid Yahoo Headlines - aka "Things that make you yell "NO SHIT, Sherlock!!!" at your computer:

"Probe finds VA gunman "well prepared""
"Casualties reported after explosion rocks Turkish capital"
"Summer Drink Shocker - Fat-filled frozen drinks will sink your diet"
"Thousands attend funeral for Jerry Falwell"

As for the last one? Well, my guess is they all wanted to make sure he really WAS dead - and that he STAYED dead.

So that's all the rant you get. Except for this picture:

Cigarettes, however, are still only 35 bucks a carton... My goddess. I remember when I quit smoking they were only 8.50 a carton... I save a LOT of money now.

New habits - I've been trying to break a few really annoying bad habits I have, like leaving shoes all over the house, not making the bed in the morning and stuff like that. Little things that I WOULD do if I had a "significant other" living with me. (Currently not an option)

Well, I've had to add another thing to my list. Putting my keys and glasses in the EXACT SAME PLACE every time I come home or take them off. I'm tired of spending 20 minutes tearing around the house frantically searching for keys or glasses - especially glasses. Although - Keys are an issue too, since it costs so damn much to have these stupid "chip" keys from the dealership.

Oh. I have to rant about one last thing. Blogger has apparently decided that I'm stupid and need them to "save" my work for me. Which is darn nice of them, but couldn't they just do it kind of sneaky in the background, instead of flashing a blue/grey/blue/grey button to me every time they do it? Annoying and breaks the fragile train-of-thought process in us old decrepit folks!

607 days.


BBC said...

You know what word in the news all the time bothers me? Alleged!!!

Hell, there can be twenty people that see something and these idiots are still innocent until guilty, the justest system in this country is just plain stupid.

I sort of make my bed, toss the covers over the top of it. I keep all my shoes and slippers by my puter desk for quick changes. LOL

Screw it, Martha Stewart doesn't live here, and I don't want her here. I don't expect my world to be perfect and supper pretty.

I'm a country hick, and I'm staying a country hick.

If you make the bed I'll do the vacuuming and cook half the meals and wash the dishes. *giggles*

Hey, have a great day... Hugs.

Leandra said...

I know what you mean about glasses and keys. I actually bought a nice hanging board for keys that we put up right by the front door. Personally I wouldn't make the bed even if I did have a "significant other." *shudders at the thought*

My daughter is much worse than I am. She got herself this little electronic device for her keys. She has a thing in her purse. if she pushes the button, her keys make a sound so she can find them. I told her it was really easier just to hang then on the board.

Peacechick Mary said...

One thing that stopped the key search for me was the purchase of a key chain that clips to my purse. I can drive, open doors, etc., and the keys never leave contact with my purse. Life got better - just a little bit.

I don't know if I can get together with you before the Canada trip as the family has sooo much planned, but when I come back from Canada, that might work out. Do you have my e-mail?