Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunshine and Fresh Air

The weather has taken a turn for the "yummy" - bright sunny day, fresh warmish breeze and NO WASPS YET!! This is why I love Spring. In autumn, the weather is the same, but the yellowjackets are out in force by then. Bleuch.

Having spent the entire weekend being a couch-potato, the new week is a "fresh start" too. I'm adding another "chore" to my daily chores list, which is only a 5-minute thing, so it should be do-able. IF there isn't another bad wave of depression anytime soon, I may be able to coax myself into seeing all this as "habit" reformed and manage to get things heading back toward the tracks. (Not necessarily ON track yet - but headed toward...)

On the down-side, during the couch-potatoness, the DVD player breathed its last. RIP, Mr. DVD Player, you served me well for over 8 years. Your replacement will cost somewhat less than you did. I shall not mourn, though you leave me with another mass of tangled cords to unravel. Sears Small Appliance Dept. here I come. I think I'll have to stop at Menards too and pick up a couple sets of toilet guts. The downstairs one has a broken handle and a leaky rubber plug - the upstairs one has a tempremental flushing mechanism. bleh. I hate doing plumbing.

Ok - off to work. Tha Boss is back - I better behave.

685 Days


BBC said...

The flowering plum trees are in bloom here so it is now officially spring.

And not raining today, I'll get busy in the yard as soon as I have some of this goats milk fudge and another cup of coffee.

Have a great day, hugs.

Peacechick Mary said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. DVD players are just about pocket change these days, so that's a good thing. Toilets - yeah, I'm in the same club as you, but it doesn't sound too serious.

Anonymous said...

Why bother with Sears? Why not just check out CNET, pick the best, then order it from an online retailer? Save a bit-o-cash, I think.

John Good said...

*I*. . HATE. . WASPS! =(

And, I am pain free after my "procedure"! WOOHOO! =) Thanks for you're "mojo"!

Frederick said...

A bit of fresh air will do you good, or at least someone told me that once...