Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Deep Thoughts - grab your waders

The last few weeks have been rather busy in Washington and the blogosphere. Everywhere you turn, it seems another scandal is erupting, another bit of political shenanigans is being exposed, another act of official misconduct is gaining the limelight.

My first thought was that this is so reminiscent of the last gasps of the Nixon era. As Tricky Dickey’s house of cards began to fall, it seemed that weekly - daily even - more things were brought to light.

But this time around, it seems as if the corruption is much larger, more widespread, less specific and more all encompassing.

Is it more, is it different? Or are we just so much more in-tune to our surroundings that we now see these abuses of power sooner? Do we now have so much more ability to see into the world that the general illumination puts into stark focus the "dark areas" that the government would like us to not notice?

With the speed, accessibility and semi-anonymity of the Internet, people are able to reach such a large, widespread audience, within minutes. The Firedoglake live blog coverage of the Irving Lewis Libby trial is a prime example. Except for the final verdict, (during which the volume of interested users crashed their servers!) Firedoglake scooped most of the traditional news outlets on the testimony and "feeling" of the trial. Their analysis was spot-on, and the verdict was very near what they had projected.

I suppose it's possible that the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Shrub1, and Clinton administrations were all as corrupt and vile as this one. I suppose it's possible that we just did not have the abundance of tools at our disposal (remember AOL and the annoying blue-line downloads?) at those times to become as connected, as tuned-in, as informed as we are now.

I suppose it's possible. I don't believe it. But I suppose it is possible. Honestly, though - if I choose to believe this, that makes me no better than the 23%ers.

684 days


BBC said...

Bah, all those monkeys screwing around leading us, and we still can't seem to do anything about it.

It looks like it is going to a beautiful day here, the sun is shining and I sat outside on my love seat and enjoyed a few cups of coffee.

Now I'm going to do some work in the yard and maybe the camper. Have a great day Sew, all we can do I guess is try to make our day good while the monkeys screw around. Hugs.

Peacechick Mary said...

You're right, there Sew. With the instant access and great researchers on the net, the scandals break faster and word spreads like wildfire. I imagine politicians will look for ways to rip us off faster before the internet catches up to them. As for FDL - they do a fantastic job. We have a number of quality news blogs that work hard and they all deserve our thanks. Thanks to you, too.

Anonymous said...
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The Future Was Yesterday said...

The overall contempt for the constitution, as well as the feelings of the general public, that we see today, have never been equaled in my lifetime. You make a valid point with the internet exposure, but I still think this era is unprecedented.

Sewmouse said...

Rudy, you're an idiot.
In fact, you're an exceptionally moronic idiot.

Thank you for proving yet again that the self-styled "Conservatives" haven't got 2 brain cells to rub together between the lot of them.

I'm laughing AT you.

Sewmouse said...

Oh, and btw - if that is your real picture - YOU FUGLY.

No wonder you hate "liberals" - you can't get laid and they can.

*laughing harder*

BBC said...

Ah come on hon, Rudy has two brain cells alright. But one keeps sticking to a cranium wall and shorting things out. Reminds me of my stupid christian wife. LOL

Sewmouse said...

Is it sticking to the cranium wall because his cranium is stuck so far up his anal orifice that he needs a plate-glass bellybutton just to walk to the fridge?

BBC said...

Is that why he has too part his hair to take a shit?

Anonymous said...
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Sewmouse said...

Some people just can NOT take a hint.