Friday, March 30, 2007

Another damn meme thingy - *sigh*

Dear Sweet Betmo has tagged and recommended my blog in hers in one of those chain-letteresque "meme" thingys, and since the only requirement is to list 5 blogs you read regularly and why, (allegedly thereby "tagging" them) I guess I can do this.

God Uncensored - BBC - Granted, BBC isn't for everyone. He's kind of an "aquired taste" - he's also more like Loki or Puck than any of the other "gods" you may have encountered before (What fools these mortals be!) but once you get past his occasionally heavy-handed teasing you can see the kind-hearted and playful guy underneath.

Trauma Queen Kal - I've known this guy since he was a shy teenager just venturing out into the 'net in a chatroom. Kal has grown from that shy teen into an extraordinary young man with a great profession - he's works for the ambulance service in Scotland. His take on the job, his "clients" and co-workers is great, not to mention his day-to-day life and interactions with friends both big and small. He has a real talent for writing, and I love him dearly so there, phtthhhbbhhtt.

Ron and Budi - Ok, maybe this doesn't officially count as a "blog", but Ron and Buddy have an ongoing daily "saga" that is a joy to read and puts a smile on my face every morning wider than the one the coffee gives me.

Teffania's Garb - Teffania doesn't post a lot, but when she does, it's always a fascinating read. Her depth of research and her interesting conclusions based on that research are a bit of the sort of thing I wish I had the talent for but don't.

Black Iris of Jordan - Read this blog. You don't have to agree with all of it, and some of the "comments" will probably piss you off if you're American, but this guy has class, he's articulate, and he shows the "humanity" - the "Every Day Joe" side of people in the Middle East, rather than just the screaming hordes of "Allahu Akbar Death to Americans" that we see on TV and in the MSM news.

681 days


BBC said...

Right, what fools these mortals (Monkeys) be.

Good way to describe me, Sewmouse. I was of course one of those fool mortals my first fifty years.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

All good blogs, and great reading!!

betmo said...

great blogs here! i have picked up a few new ones to read- thanks!

Kal said...

*flat palm to chest*
You flatter me...