Friday, March 23, 2007

TGIF and all that

Today is trash day at La Casa de Sewmouse. I hate that they moved it to Friday. It used to be Tuesday, which was great, because that way I could do massive cleanings on the weekend and haul out to the curb on Monday nite. Now the stuff waits in the bins until Thursday nite, and I have to be careful because there are rampaging raccoons around here.

Back behind our condo complex is a farmer's cornfield, and on the other side (the side by the expressway), before the expressway there is a greenbelt of about 500 yards or so with a stream that runs into a small pond up the way a bit, so we get our fair share of wildlife here.

Matter of fact, back a few years ago when I had hurt my leg and was using crutches to get around, I came home late one night and went to go in the back door. Our back doors are accessible through our gated back yards, all connected by one long fence that opens out by the garages. I saw what looked like a black cat shimmy under the fence just as I went to open the gate.

It wasn't until I actually got INSIDE the yard that I saw the 2 parallel white stripes.

It IS possible to run with crutches - just so's ya know.

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BBC said...

You live in a condo? I could so not live in a condo.

I must have some space around me that is mine.
My property isn't big, but it is all mine and there is no association telling me what I can and cannot do with it.

The few officials that do come around telling me what I can and can't do, well, I still have room to bury a few more of them. :-)

Peacechick Mary said...

In Florida, they pick up the trash twice a week - have to as things would rot in the heat and the smell would be overwhelming. As for raccoons, they are pests, for sure and they get aggressive especially if people feed them like pets. When we are at the park, we can not leave our picnic baskets unattended or we will return to find a family of raccoons enjoying our meal.

Anonymous said...

Aw, come on. Skunks aren't such a big deal as long as you don't piss 'em off. Let me tell you about the time I discovered a racoon under a car parked next to our flat! A racoon! In Sodom by the Sea! Big mother-f*cker too!

BBC said...

No skunks in this area that I know of. When I lived in Eastern Washington a boss wanted me to restore a Lincoln for him and it had a family of skunks living under it. They don't bother me, I took a steam cleaner out there and chased them away. A coon comes by once in a while though. I don't mind unless he bothers my cats and then he will be history.

betmo said...

heehee- didn't mean to laugh at your expense but running with crutches- well- hee hee

skunks and racoons are a bit of a problem here- mainly skunks- we are a small city surrounded by woods everywhere so we get plenty of wildlife- including bears. talk about running for cover! luckily the biggest nuisance for me is the neighborhood cats- getting into fights with the stinky, stinky skunks. we inevitably have to shut our windows at least once a summer.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"We" move square into wildlife's domain, then express amazement that they get pissed!:) That's always amused me.