Friday, January 26, 2007

Looking Ahead

John Good from Left in Aboite asks us today to imagine. I can hear the Wrong-Wing Dittoheads singsonging right now: "Imagine what would have happened if ALGORE had been President on 9/11/01 - we'd all be praying to Allah!" because it is what I hear from a lot of hardcore Republicans still today.

Many folks who don't care all that much about global warming will also see him as a "Tree hugging fruitcake". All those cheddarheads who like to drive their SUV's with the big "PACKERS" bumperstickers and flags still believe that there's no such thing, and that only "dirty hippies" are concerned about the environment.

I do know that my boss has pidgeonholed him as "whipped by his wife". Depending on what the Republicans run against him, I am not certain of his ability to win. And that "ALGORE invented the internet" mis-quote is just never going to go away.

Shrillary does nothing for me. I don't care if she's fem, male, bi, butch, femme or whatever - she comes on too strong, she's got I"M A BITCH AND YOU KNOW IT tattooed on her forehead, and if for no other reason - she is apparently the source of the smear campaign going on against the junior senator from MY STATE - suggesting in oh-so-subtle rhetoric that the school he attended in Indonesia when he was SIX YEARS OLD was some terrorist training ground and he's a "sleeper" terrorist. I can't vote for her. She does not inspire the confidence I need to choose a President.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Senator from New York is really fully aware of just how HATED she is by a surprisingly large segment of the population. Not just disliked, or misunderstood - but truly HATED. She can't win.

Senator Obama impresses me on just about every level, but I will quickly agree that he has limited exposure to the entire process and scope of the Presidency. I am quite glad of the fact that the WORST THING that anyone has found about him thus far is something he had no control over that occurred when he was six years old. I've had written communications with his office (he is MY senator) and I've been impressed with his responses and in agreement with his position in almost all cases.

I really think I need to do a lot more research on who the Republicans are seriously considering for the nomination before I make a decision on the correct side of the aisle. Whoever we put in there needs to be articulate, intelligent and have the best interests of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and all her people and businesses in mind - not just a few fratbrother cronies.

724 Days


Leandra said...

Sew? The notion that Hillary's campaign was in any way responsible for the vicious campaign against Obama was proven to be a plant. The neocons were trying to bring down two front runners at the same time and set them at one another's' throats. Typical behavior for desperately frightened people.

Kvatch said...

What I find most frustrating is that the two candidates that I like the most, Webb and Richardson, are long, Long, LONG shots.

BBC said...

You know what? I had a really good day. The temperature was bearable and the sun was out a lot.

I got a fair amount of work done around here and there wasn't a bunch of fucking monkeys fighting a war on my street.

And I enjoyed some good laughs. Whoever I will have as choices to vote for next, I can assure you that they won't be my first choices.

In other words, fuck it. As long as my life is going okay they can fuck around all they want because there isn't anything I can do about it and I'm not going to let it keep on driving me nuts.

Hey, what is with no hooters? :-)

BBC said...

Good morning. It's going to be another nice day here. I hope to get more done to the camper.

I see nothing wrong with limited exposure, we have to stop having only the big noisy nuts to vote for.

Almost anyone knows how to better run the world than they do.

betmo said...

there is nothing wrong with hillary- she just needs to stay in the senate where she is needed. i am currently backing obama and edwards- simply because i see them as men of integrity at this point. of course, the election is like 2 years away- and the whole campaigning already thing is ridiculous. concentrate on getting the congress to get done what we would like to see get done- within the parameters of their job description- and that's all we can do. there is no reason that they can't impeach though.

yes, the right wing smear works is trying to start a made up feud between hillary and barack. it has been firmly debunked as a neo con ploy- but that doesn't stop them from trying to keep it out there. grain of salt with the msm.

Sewmouse said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that is wrong - I still just don't like Shrillary.

She grates on my nerves. I also really don't think she or the Dem leadership is aware of how much virulent hatred is out there toward her. There's no way she can win.

BBC said...

Ah... But Sew. You forget how screwed up this system is. If she throws enough money at it, or talks right, she can win.


DivaJood said...

I do like Barak Obama precisely because he doesn't have the experience of all things wrong in Washington.

One week until Superbowl Sunday. Go Bears.

Bill said...

Yeah, you've got Hillary pegged. No argument there.

I'm a little concerned about Obama though. He's a centrist with a gift for compromise. I'm not in the mood to compromise with the bone headed crooks and liars who don't believe in science of the Constitution.

betmo said...

me either- but we have to do what is in the best interests of moving this country forward- in spite of the fact that there is such a large contingent of idiots out there. global warming and getting that stopped is a priority. i think obama would be on board.